Why stand up for owner-operators … because we give a truck!


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie after meeting with Tasmanian owner / drivers regarding the government made Trucking Crisis has renewed her call for PM Malcolm Turnbull to immediately abolish the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal once Parliament sits next week.

Senator Lambie made 3 - 30sec YouTube Video’s which contain messages from Tassie owner / operators, whose incomes have been reduced in a matter of days by up to 90% - following a flawed pay ruling by the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

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“The RSRT minimum pay ruling did not apply to the big fleet owners. So it’s clear that Tasmanian trucking owner / operators have been unfairly targeted and hit hard by the RSRT pay decision.

It gave the big boys an immediate and a huge commercial advantage over the mum and dad small trucking businesses. With the stroke of a pen - some highly paid, out of touch bureaucrats in Canberra – agreed to a plan which effectively stole the life savings and livelihoods of more than 30,000 Australians and gave it to the big fleet owners.

Under the pretext of increasing road safety – every Tasmanian owner / operator has become the victim of theft by the RSRT – who have shown callous disregard for the 99% of owner/operators who follow the road rules and run professional, safe trucking businesses.

And perversely, the RSRT ruling would have led to even more unsafe roads. The threat of dangerous and unqualified overseas truck drivers on 457 visa’s - being used to replace many of the Australian owner operators forced out of the trucking industry – is all too real.

Labor Senator Glen Sterle delivered a magnificent speech in the Senate on the 2nd March this year where he made comment on a truck accident on Sydney’s M5 involving overseas semi drivers. (see Below)


(… Scott's Transport from Mt Gambier had employed these two drivers, who were Indian.  Before you all start jumping up and down, foreign workers are always welcome in this country, but they are not welcome, in my view, when they are doing Australians out of jobs by working for lower wages and lesser conditions.  I have not proved that yet.

But what I have proved is that these two Indian drivers, who denied any responsibility, were not able to back up a semitrailer.  On the news, they were asked by the reporter: 'Not only should you be able to back this semitrailer—I am worried about a 421⁄2-tonner on our highways mixing with school buses and other road users—do you think you should know how to uncouple the semi trailer?' The clown sits there and says, 'No, why would I have to know how to uncouple the semi trailer?'… said, Senator Sterle)

“Once again I repeat my call to all the major parties. Stop the political games.  Abolish the RSRT and their silly low pay orders now – and pass legislation which guarantees that small trucking businesses are paid on time i.e. within 30 days not 120.  That’s the simplest and easiest action the parliament can take to increase Australian road safety.

Message to Labor Leader Bill Shorten

While I agree with Labor leader Bill Shorten regarding his call for a Royal Commission into banks – on the trucking crisis he’s got it terribly wrong,” said Senator Lambie

“Put aside the fact that the RSRT ruling has resulted in a grand theft of life savings and livelihoods of 35,000 hardworking Australians …

… If the RSRT and its pay ruling, are not wiped out, then in the near future - we will have more Australians losing their jobs to unskilled and dangerous overseas workers who are (right now according to Bill’s own Labor Senator) - making our roads less safe,” said Senator Lambie.