Why hasn’t the Liberals De-registered the CFMEU?

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal Government to properly explain why it hasn’t de-registered the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Electrical Union (CFMEU).

“Yesterday In parliament I asked Senator Abetz to explain why his party didn’t deregister a Union which the Liberals described as having members who:

  • continue to ignore the law despite the imposition of penalties.
  • are engaged in secretly stealing private information of its members, boycotts, cartels, blackmail, extortion and even death threats.
Unfortunately, Senator Abetz’s reply showed just how weak a stand on political and union corruption his government had taken.” said Senator Lambie.

“As I told the Parliament that evening in an adjournment speech - If the Abbot government was serious about tackling crime and corruption in the building and construction industry and lowering costs, they would have moved very quickly to deregister the CFMEU - and perhaps other unions.

Just as the Liberal - and then Labor Party combined in the 1980’s to finally deregister a similar Union – the Builders Labor’s Federation or BLF.

Instead the Abbot government has used the CFMEU’s obvious links to outlaw bikie gangs, stand-over merchants , hit men and criminals to justify the establishment of a Royal Commission - whose greater purpose is to target the Labor party of Australia – while it appears to ignore or actively cover up corruption and the effects of organized criminal activity within the Liberal party.” said Senator Lambie.

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