VDL sale given green light by corrupt Government Process: Lambie

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has described the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) process as “corrupt” as it was used by the Liberal Government to justify the sale of VDL to overseas interests.

“ Everyone knows after an ABC Four Corners Report that our FIRB has failed to do its job properly.  When it comes to offshore corruption, the Liberal Government have made the FIRB blind.

Most will remember that a Four Corners Investigation found - Two former board members (FIRB) have confirmed concerns about offshore corruption are rarely discussed, even though $US1.25 trillion worth of corrupt and criminal proceeds from China is estimated to have been spent around the world in the decade to 2012,” said Senator Lambie.

“Speaking Generally – all informed Australians know that there is a much higher risk of corrupt money being invested in Australian from China.  Money from China is not like money from Japan or South Korea, which are democratic countries with high standards of openness and transparency with financial transactions – and have similar laws and democratic standards to Australia.

Politicians like Liberal Senator Eric Abetz knows that more questions have to be asked about investment money from China because there’s a much higher risk that it is from corrupt or illicit source.  Senator Abetz tries to stop community discussion about the risk of corrupt Chinese money adversely affecting Australia’s national interest – by calling whistle-blowers racists and xenophobes,” said Senator Lambie.

“You have to ask what this Liberal politician and his political mates are trying to hide when they resort to that sort of low name calling? Of course, it is a well-known fact that the Liberals have taken millions of dollars from people closely connected with the Chinese Communist government in election funding.

Its up to people like Senator Abetz who want to stop debate on the real possibility of corrupt Chinese money affecting Australia’s national interest to explain just how much money in his re-election campaign will come from mainland China?” said Senator Lambie.

“The Australian Electoral commission records prove that the Liberals have taken in millions of dollars from people closely connected with the Chinese Communist government.  Even disgraced former Liberal Minister Stuart Roberts admitted that a Chinese businessman had given Liberal members at Parliament house watches worth tens of thousands of dollars.

All major decisions to allow the sale of any strategic Australian National asset must be delayed until the Parliamentary inquiry into political donations has been completed and the FIRB process fixed,” said Senator Lambie.