Tasmanian Dairy Farmers “sucked in” and “shafted” while a Dairy Distributor was bullied by Deputy Prime Minister’s office

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has launched two new 5 minute YouTube videos, following meetings with:

A number of Tasmanian Dairy Farmers and group legal action lawyer Stewart Levitt, who said that the Tasmanian Dairy farmers had been “sucked in” and “shafted”…

Acting CEO Darryl Cardona of National Dairy Products, who says that the Deputy Prime Minister’s office tried to “silence” him regarding warnings about the Liberal Governments failed $555m Dairy rescue package.

“ Following these meetings I’m very concerned by the way our Dairy Farmers have been treated by the Milk Multinationals and this conservative Government.  Between the Milk Multinationals and the Lib/Nat Government, they’ve destroyed the Australian Dairy industry - either deliberately or through incompetence.  And no one is offering a solution to this man-made dairy crisis - or being held to account for their reckless, harmful actions,” said Senator Lambie.

“I urge all Australian Dairy Farmers who are victims of a milk price which has been deliberately driven down to get good legal advice before they decide on a course of action.  And I once again call on both the Government and Opposition to support a 50c Milk levy. It’s clear that if Australia wants to save our Dairy Industry and farmers lives - a 50c per litre levy must be introduced immediately.

It's not silly to say that if a milk levy is not established - our children and grandchildren will be forced to drink milk imported from 3rd world countries which allow hormones and other harmful substances to contaminate their dairy industry – and our food security compromised.

If the JLN holds the balance of power in a new Senate, we will take all actions necessary to protect and save Australian Dairy families and their communities.” said Senator Lambie.