Tasmania now has an extra $150M without $100K degrees

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed the Liberal’s promise to match Labor’s commitment of $150M to the University of Tasmania.

“The fact that the Liberals have been forced to promise $15OM in funding to UTAS, vindicates my vote against their plan to deregulate universities.  We’re now in a win / win situation, no matter which party forms government.  Tasmania has an extra $150M - without $100K degrees for our students,” said Senator Lambie.

“It shows the important value of having a Tasmanian independent Senator holding the balance of power in the Australian Senate.  Andrew Nicholic, the Liberal member for Bass, underneath the fake smiles today must be seething.  The Liberal’s commitment of $150M shows that he lied to the people of Tasmania in the past,” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr Nicholic said there wouldn’t be any investment in UTAS from his party without my vote for their plan for $100K degrees and the privatisation of our University sector.  Mr Nicholic even had the audacity to blame me for Tasmania missing out on University funding after I voted down his party’s plan to deregulate our Unis.

So is Mr Nicholic now going to congratulate me for remaining true to my convictions and protecting Australian university students from $100K degrees? Is Mr Nicholic honest and trustworthy enough to admit he got it wrong and lied to Tasmanians?” said Senator Lambie.