Tasmania is in a Win Win situation

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has made a comment on a media report which says: "Jacqui's popularity putting the major parties on edge" and "The surging popularity of Jacqui Lambie could catapult her running mate (Mayor Steve Martin) into the Senate at the expense of Tasmania's most senior Liberal figure.

"JLN senate candidates are not taking any vote for granted and there's lots of hard work and door knocking to do before the election.  However, now there's serious independent political competition - both major parties have been finally, forced to promise serious money for vital Tasmanian infrastructure.

It means that no matter what the election result - Tasmania is in a win/win situation.  But the only way to guarantee that either side of politics keep their election promises - is to give Tasmania the balance of power in the Senate, by voting 1 JLN - and keeping the bastards honest.

Labor could also put more political pressure on the Liberals in the lower house by promising before Saturday, another $15M for Cradle Mountain Tourism Project.  It would bring their total commitment of $30M to this world class and iconic tourism destination and force the federal Libs to stop taking Tasmania for granted and up their offer from $1M to $30M." said Senator Lambie.