Question to Tasmanian Senator Abetz, Minister Assisting the PM for the Public Service re Law Enforcement

Mr President, with your permission and with leave from the chamber I would like to table a photograph that shows myself standing in front of the ......

QWN - Law Enforcement - 30-10-14

Law Enforcement, Shipping, Ebola

Tasmania, like the rest of Australia, is in the grip of an ice epidemic. It is a terrible drug that takes over these users' lives and destroys families. Today I asked Senator Abetz, the Leader of the Government in this place, a number of questions about the ice crisis. His answers did not give me confidence that his government or his political party has a policy answer to this crisis, which needs to be addressed immediately.

adjournment speech - Law Enforcement, shipping & ebola - 30-10-14

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Russia

I rise to address a matter that was raised in the media this morning regarding an alleged ASIO report which was leaked to Fairfax journalist Peter Hartcher. Today I have written to the Director-General of Security for ASIO ...

ASIO, Russia - 29-10-14

Australian Defence Force & Veterans

I rise to bring to the attention of the Australian parliament a petition at the website titled: 'Don't send our defence forces to war on a pay cut! Show our ADF the respect it deserves'. There are more than 19,000 electronic signatures on this petition, including my own. I have now placed the petition on my facebook page and website and I encourage every Tasmanian and Australian to visit and register their electronic signatures.

ADF, Veterans - 28-10-14

Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Foreign Fighters) Bill 2014

I have real concerns about the impact that this legislation will have on the civil rights and individual democratic freedoms of Australian citizens. I understand that those civil rights and freedoms were hard fought for and that members of our ADF shed blood and died for thise freedoms.

counter terrorism legislation amendment (foreign fighters bill) 2014 - 28-10-14

Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (2014 Budget Measures No.1 & 2) Bill 2014

When you calculate the financial impact of this legislation, an estimate will show that over the forward estimates the Liberal Government has planned to target seniors, clean-energy users, families, parents, disabled people, students, unemployed and our veterans, and will take $13.4 billion, or $3.4 billion a year, from them.

Social Services and Other Legis Amend (2014 Budget Measures No. 1 & 2) Bill 2014 - 1-10-14

National Security

From one mother to another mother, let's unite and ban the burqa. The sign next to my office door says that I am a Senator of the Australian parliament, and I will always be grateful to the Tasmanian people for placing me in that position. However, the title that I will always value most is 'mother' - mother to my two beautiful sons.

national security - 22-9-14

Question to Tasmanian Senator Abetz, Minister for Employment re Renewable Energy

Does the Minister agree that the national RET scheme was designed to limit the harm that Australia's coal fired power generators cause to our environment by providing more renewable energy generators, which emit less harmful greenhouse gases?

QWN - RET - 30-9-14

National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014

This bill seeks to make several amendments to legislation used by two of our major intelligence agencies, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, ASIO and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, ASIS. Before I detail my reason for supporting this bill, I want to thank those officers and their families for their service and loyalty to Australia.

national security legislation amend bill (no. 1) 2014 - 24-9-14

Health Workforce Australia (Abolition) Bill 2014

The purpose of the Health Workforce Australia (Abolition) Bill 2014 is to abolish the Health Workforce Agency. The agency was established in 2010 with a view to fixintg a problem this country has experienced for decades namely, shortages across all of our medical workforce.

health workforce Aust (abolition) Bill 2014 - 22-9-14