Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014

This bill seeks to radically deregulate university fees by allowing universities to set whatever fees they want to charge students. The government currently caps the costs of tuition fees based on the type of degree students choose to undertake - for example, nursing, teaching or law. The bill also opens up HECS-HELP loans to students outside public university sectors. Students in private universities, TAFEs and other private education facilities studying for a diploma in a private university will for the first time in Australia's history attract public funding.

higher edu speech - 1-12-14

Infrastructure, RET, ADF

Today I got Christmas envy! I walked past the Prime Minister's office and noticed his magnificent Christmas tree. So, with Christmas less than a month away, my meeting confirmed with the PM next Monday, and decorations, trees and carols everywhere in Australia's Parliament House, I thought it would be timely to share with the Senate my Christmas wish-list for Tasmania, just in case a fat jolly man, or even the PM, were listening and feeling generous.

adjournment speech - infrast, RET, ADF - 27-11-14

Censure of Minister for Defence

I congratulate the Australian Labor party for standing up for Australian jobs, Australian shipbuilding and Australian national security and I urge all senators to support this censure motion. I agree with all five points of this censure motion. I agree that the Minister for Defence has insulted the men and women of ASC by stating he 'wouldn't trust them to build a conoe'; undermined the confidence in Australia's defence capability; threatened the integrity of Australia's defence procurement project; broken his promise made on 8 May 2013 to build 12 new submarines at ASC in South Australia; and cut the real pay and Christmas and recreational leave for ADF personnel.

censure speech - min for Def - 26-11-14

Tasmanian Economy, Shipbuilding Industry

I rise to share with this Senate the grave concerns I have for the security of tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs tied to Tasmania's heavy manufacturing industry.

Tasmanian Economy, Shipbuilding Industry Speech 25-11-2014

Business Services Wage Assessment Payment Scheme Bill

I rise today to oppose the Business Services Wage Assessment Payment Scheme Bill 2014. It is just another attack on vulnerable Australians from this Government. We have seen a total disregard for the lives of people who do not have much, who work hard and who suffer against the odds because they are unemployed, because they are carers, because they are sick or because they have a disability. This has to stop.

Speech - Business Services Wage Assessment Payment Scheme Bill 24-11-2014

Corporations Amendment (Streamlining Future of Financial Advice) Regulation 2014 - Disallowance

I would firstly like to apologize to my Tasmanians, especially those who have reached the stage in life when, having worked hard and saved every cent, they have created a nest egg that they would liike to invest for their future and their famil'ys future. I have let you down and I am sorry. In the past, my vote in the Seante helped create the situation where today the laws of our country do not provide proper protection for investment funds.

FOFA disallowance speech - 19-11-14

Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Seniors Supplement Cessation) Bill 2014

This bill is to amend social services and veterans legislation from 20 September 2014 to cease payment of the senior supplement for holders of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or the Veterans' Affairs gold card. The government are making it easy for me to vote 'no' to their legislation and to continue my campaign to force Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey to make a fair pay offer to the men and women of our Australian Defence Force.

Social Services and Other Legis Amend (Snrs Supplement Cessation) Bill 2014 speech - 18-11-14

Question to Qld Senator Brandis, Minister representing the Minister for Defence re ADF

I refer the minister to his government's disgusting pay offer to the men and women of the ADF, which targets them with an effective pay cut and strips them of Christmas holidays and leave while it steals thousands of dollars worth of entitlements.

QWM re ADF - 18-11-14

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Amendment Bill 2014

In summary, the bill seeks to align Australia's antidoping legislation with the revised World Anti-Doping Code and international standards that will come into force on 1 January 2015.

The bill would amend the Australian Sports and Anti-Doping Authority Act 2006 to (1) authorise the making of regulations to allow the Australian Sports and Anti-Doping Authority CEO to implement possible antidoping rule violation .....

Aust Sports Anti-Doping Auth Amend Bill 2014 speech - 17-11-14

Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (2014 Budget Measures No. 6) Bill 2014

This bill will have a severe financial impact on struggling Tasmanian and Australian families, students, disabled people, seniors and veterans through a range of 10 heartless measures, and I will not support this legislation. In particular, limiting the famiy tax benefit part A large-family supplement to families with four or more children, removing the famly tax benefit part A per child add-on to the higher income-free area for each additional child after the first and targetng family tax benefit part B by reducing the primary earner income limit from $150,000 a year to $100,000 a year will cause real hardship for more than 50% of the Tasmanian population, so I will not support this cruel legislation.

Social Services and Other Legis Amend (2014 Budget Measures No. 6) Bill 2014 - 17-11-14