Special Senate Investigation into the alteration of SAS Trooper’s Personal Records needed

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has tabled a petition containing more that 5500 signatures and comments - in favor of SAS Trooper Evan Donaldson who is the victim of official identity theft. Senator Lambie has called for a special senate inquiry to investigate the matter.

“This morning I told the Senate - I have placed on my social media - an interview I carried out with Trooper Donaldson and his wife Dr Phoebe Donaldson.

“This family have been involved in a 6 year battle to understand why Trooper Donaldson’s official Army records have been fraudulently altered in order to deny his service with the SAS.

Overwhelming evidence has been presented to me, which indicates that Trooper Donaldson is the innocent victim of a criminal reprisal action by his direct superiors - which has been condoned and covered up at the highest levels of this government, the SAS and ADF.

"I want a special senate investigation into these claims,” Senator Lambie said.

“I will lobby my fellow Cross Bench Senators, the Greens, Labor and Government Senators to support my call for a special Senate Investigation of Trooper Donaldson claims.

"And I will demand that those members of the ADF who I named in the Parliament today – appear before the committee, under oath and tell the truth about altered, forged or destroyed personal documents belonging to Trooper Donaldson,'' Senator Lambie said.

“A soldier who shook the hand of former Governor General Sir Michael Jeffery on his SAS graduation (see attached pics) – and provided personal protection for people like former Defence Minister Brendan Nelson when they visited war zones – deserves to be treated with more respect,'' Senator Lambie said.