Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (2014 Budget Measures No. 6) Bill 2014

This bill will have a severe financial impact on struggling Tasmanian and Australian families, students, disabled people, seniors and veterans through a range of 10 heartless measures, and I will not support this legislation. In particular, limiting the famiy tax benefit part A large-family supplement to families with four or more children, removing the famly tax benefit part A per child add-on to the higher income-free area for each additional child after the first and targetng family tax benefit part B by reducing the primary earner income limit from $150,000 a year to $100,000 a year will cause real hardship for more than 50% of the Tasmanian population, so I will not support this cruel legislation.

Social Services and Other Legis Amend (2014 Budget Measures No. 6) Bill 2014 - 17-11-14