Shorten must show courage and back Senate Inquiry into Super Rich Death Tax: Lambie

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie and Victorian Senate Candidate Hugh Dolan have called on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to show some political courage and back a Senate Inquiry into a Super Rich Death Tax.

“A brilliant article today by Peter Martin (see here) proves that the Liberal’s GST increase was a sly attempt at a reverse Robin Hood (give to the rich, while taking from the poor).

Rare photo of Treasurer at time of GST debate Rare photo of Treasurer at time of GST debate

And while I know the Liberal party and Malcolm Turnbull will fight any tax like hell that targets their super rich friends, I still have hope Bill Shorten and Labor will be reasonable,” said Senator Lambie.

“Even though the Labor party receives in political donations hundreds of thousands from Australia’s BRW top 200 rich list – (see table 1 below), its now time for Bill, as leader, to show he has the courage to stand up for the battlers, while making the rich pay their fair share,” said Victorian Senate Candidate Hugh Dolan.

“After listening to charity leader Tim Costello yesterday, it’s clear that he informed our nation that his new tax would only affect 0.8% of Australians while it raised an extra $5B a year for budget repair - from our rich.

“However, after listening to Scott Morrison and our Prime Minister during the recent GST debate, it’s clear that they informed our nation their new tax would affect 100% of Australians, while it raised an extra $5B a year for budget repair - from our poor!” said Senator Lambie.

“It’s a very clear choice.  If you are fair dinkum - and want an extra $5B a year to repair the Australian budget, then a Super Rich - Death Tax is the simplest and fairest way to go,” said Victorian Senate Candidate Hugh Dolan.

“I will introduce a motion to the Parliament at its next sitting, to ensure that a Senate Committee has the opportunity to properly examine a Super Rich – Death Tax.  It stacks up in many other countries - I expect it to stack up in Australia.  I hope Mr. Shorten takes this opportunity to support sensible tax reform that 99.2% of Australia agrees with,” said Senator Lambie.



Table 1.

This is the summary of the BRW donations by party


Donations Total 14/15 PERIOD $22,340,794
Donations Total 14/15 PERIOD FROM BRW TOP 200 $10,673,209
LIBERALS $741,000
LABOR $111,594
PALMER UNITED $9,820,615