Shenhua Mine Protest

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to personally intervene and stop a Chinese state-owned mine from being established in the middle of some of Australia’s best prime farming land at the Liverpool Plains, Breeza, NSW.

Senator Lambie has also renewed her call for the PM to support the creation of a national policy that protects Australia’s prime agricultural land, which only covers 3.4% of our nation’s land mass.

“If it can happen at Breeza, it can happen anywhere in Australia. This is the wrong mine in the wrong place. Everyone knows it, including Prime Minister Turnbull who visited Breeza a few years ago. Mr Turnbull made a big impression – a positive impression on the locals during his visit.

``Local farmers like Andrew and Cindy Pursehouse think highly of Prime Minister Turnbull who was very attentive, respectful and interested when he visited the proposed Chinese government’s mine site,” said Senator Lambie.

“I’ve been informed that Prime Minister Turnbull owns a property, which is located relatively close to the Liverpool Plains - and shares a similar type of soil. So the local community feels that Mr Turnbull understands just how outrageous and wrong the decision is - to put a coal mine in the middle of one of Australia’s major food and fibre farmlands (the reverse situation would never be allowed to happen in China).

``The people I spoke to in Breeza, have faith in PM Turnbull to act on the local knowledge he possesses. Unlike Barnaby Joyce who talks big – but in reality is a political coward and does little – our new PM is seen as an honorable person who will act on the courage of his convictions.

``As well as environmental, economic and social sense – the end of the Shenhua mine proposal would make political sense as well. Well-resourced, determined and highly motivated people from every walk of life, from all over Australia - are gathering to oppose this Chinese mine at Breeza,” said Senator Lambie.

“The Shenhua protest movement has a feel similar to the environmental protest movement, which grew in Tasmania during the 1980s - and gave birth to the Greens. So the Liberals and Nationals would be wise to stop this Chinese state-owned coal mine, and protect Australia’s prime agricultural land.

``In doing so, they may stop a hurricane force, political storm, that is brewing at Breeza, from being unleashed on the Australian agri-political landscape,” said Senator Lambie.