Sharia law supporters are the problem

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie, in response to media questions regarding Donald Trump’s latest statement on Muslims, has again restated her political Network’s policy on the threat of terrorism, Islam, and Sharia Law.

“Unlike other emerging and smaller political movements in Australia, the JLN doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, sexuality, religion or ethnicity. We do however discriminate on your love of democracy, civil freedoms and allegiance to the Australian people. As I told the reporter working for Mr Murdoch – with regard to my network’s policies on Islam and the threat of terrorism to Australia:

Sharia Law is the law our enemy wants to impose on the world – and is the law the Islamic terrorists want to impose on us. Support for Sharia Law is a clear sign of Islamic radicalisation. We should ban those who support the terrorists' law from coming to Australia.

And we should charge those Australians who support Sharia law with sedition or treason, because they are clearly assisting our enemy. Everyone who intends on visiting or living in Australia should be screened for support of Sharia or the terrorists' law, including the 12,000 Syrians," Senator Lambie said.

“With the world-wide rise of radical Islam, we’ve seen an equal rise of the radical right. Unfortunately in Australia, good people who have well-founded fears about the lack of courage and official action against the rise of radical Islam are now standing at political rallies - shoulder to shoulder with gun-nuts and rednecks who hate gays, Jewish folk and people of different races and ethnic backgrounds,” Senator Lambie said.

“My message to those ordinary, decent Australians is be careful, because if you lie down with political dogs, you’ll get up with fleas. I have been very clear. Unlike some Australian political groups, the JLN will not accept and associate with neo-Nazis, KKK supporters and bigots who hate gay or Indigenous people,” Senator Lambie said.

“Australia already has a Common Law and a Constitution that will help us deal with the Sharia law supporters who have declared war on us and who want to overthrow and destroy our Western freedoms and democracy.

``Part of the solution to the Islamic threat we find ourselves in, is to always uphold the rights and liberties of all our minority groups (we don’t need new Liberal laws that undermine basic civil rights) – while using the Australian Criminal Code to charge Australian supporters of Sharia law and Islamic terrorists with sedition or treason,” Senator Lambie said.