Senate votes to back Lambie’s call for an investigation into claims of assault, torture and international human rights abuses during SAS training.


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has welcomed a Senate vote which ensures her motion calling for an independent Senate Committee investigation of the way that SAS treat soldiers on Resistance to Interrogation training courses or exercises.

“ I’m very humbled that the Senate voted to support my motion (see here) 34 votes to 27.  The last time I felt this way, was after the Senate voted to pass my Private Members Bill which linked Australian soldiers’ pay rises to the pay rises of our Politicians.

It’s a shame that the Turnbull government have chosen to ignore that Senate vote - and pass the legislation through the lower house and make it law.  However this time it will be very difficult for the Government to ignore the will of the Senate,” said Senator Lambie.

“There are some very serious allegations about Resistance to Interrogation Training (RTI) conducted by our military that must be independently examined by a Senate Committee.  This successful vote for my motion means the government will have to co-operate and produce secret documents under special circumstances to ensure that international human rights laws have not been broken.

And that the well-being of RTI course participants has been made a number one priority.  I want to make sure that the Australian Army hasn’t covered up serious abuse, assaults and /or crimes for over a decade – and then used secrecy provisions to hide the misconduct or breach of international conventions,” said Senator Lambie.