Scrap CHAFTA before risking the troops’ lives in China blue

CHAFTA Cancel - Meme

Tasmanian JLN Independent Senator Elect Jacqui Lambie has called on all political parties to support the scrapping of CHAFTA before risking the lives of our troops in freedom of navigation or other defence exercises in the South China Seas.

“Australia meekly signing a bad trade deal with China last year has encouraged their Communist Government - and contributed to their aggressive, dangerous and bad international behavior in Asian International waters which we rely on for 60% of our more than $660B of two way international trade.

So why risk our sailors lives and war with China in freedom of Navigation exercises in international Asian waters .. when Australia could cancel CHAFTA (China Free Trade Deal) until China respects international law?” said Senator Elect Lambie.

Senator Elect Lambie said, “I propose peaceful economic, sporting and cultural actions against China to encourage them to respect international law - before risking the lives of our ADF members. Last year I voted against CHAFTA and warned the Parliament about continuing Chinese aggression in international Asian waters. I still stand by the reasons why CHAFTA should have been opposed.  I detailed to the Parliament on Monday 9th of November 2015 seven good reasons why CHAFTA trade deal should not be supported and stated:

(1) The Liberals and the Nationals have run a $10 million taxpayer-funded panda-hugging campaign on their deal with China. Trade growth and jobs will still happen without the Liberals' deal. A better, renegotiated deal with China is still possible.

 (2) China is a security threat to Australia, America and all our western allies. It is a proven bully, thief, liar and human rights abuser. Why rush into a deal—done in secret—with a bully, thief, liar and human rights abuser?

(3) Investor State Dispute Settlement in any trade deal fundamentally undermines Australia's sovereignty and our parliament's ability to make laws in the national interest.

(4) A trade deal should never open the door for Australian workers and tradesmen to be replaced by foreign workers. Let's be honest: no matter how you look at it, this deal opens the bloody door!

(5) It does not make sense to put all our eggs in one risky and unstable economic basket.

(6) Chinese political donations to the Liberal, National and Labor parties have most likely influenced ChAFTA terms and conditions in China's favour.

(7) The Chinese government has lent dangerous amounts of money to different Australian governments. Has this dangerous Chinese debt influenced the current trade deal and other Australian government behaviour?

New research shows China holds a potentially dangerous amount of Australian government debt. By one estimate it could be as much as 20 per cent. The world's second largest economy has begun to liquidate some of its US $3.7 trillion worth of foreign reserves, and that includes Australian government debt. There are fears that this could lead to higher borrowing costs.

On behalf of the people of Tasmania, and in the national interest, I strongly oppose these bills.”