Royal Commission must release secret reports of corruption to all Senators

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Royal Commissioner Hayden to release his confidential report on corruption to all Senators after the Commissioner admitted to sharing the report with all of Australia’s Premiers.

“Last night I told the parliament that - I’m deeply disappointed to-date, by the refusal of Royal Commissioner Hayden to share with myself and other Cross bench Senators all of his reports and information on criminal activities and corruption in Australian politics.

Specifically, I refer to his secret corruption report that he’s shared with the Prime Minister his staff, Senator Abetz his staff, all the Premiers of Australia’s states and their staff – but has refused to share with the cross bench senators.

The Information is the Hayden Royal Commission secret reports is vital to the decision making process that all Senators in this chamber must take - in regard to the ABCC legislation.

The Premiers of Australia do not have a vote in this chamber and yet they have been allowed by this Royal Commissioner access to this confidential information – that should also be shared with Senators of this chamber.

I consider it an insult to the intelligence and integrity of all Senators of this Chamber especially – cross bench Senators - that Royal Commissioner Hayden has chosen to refuse access to his secret report – because he doesn’t trust me or other senators of this place with information - that he trusts with state premiers and their staff.

If Royal Commissioner Haden fails to release his secret report to senators -  Australians could be justified in saying that evidence showing associations, links and influence between criminals and political parties, including the Liberals and Nationals is being cover up – or not being acted on.

Justice must not only be done - Justice must be seen to be done!

If Royal Commissioner Haden fails to release his secret report to senators - Australians could be justified in saying that his reliably as a Royal Commissioner could be called into question …

… because the parliament is the ultimate body for review and scrutiny of these strongly interconnected matters …

… and I’m of the view that by with holding this vital information from Senators - Commissioner Hayden has interfered with my free and fair performance as a member of this Parliament.” said Senator Lambie.

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