Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, Health Funding

If corruption and crime was not having a serious impact on Australia's political system then Royal Commissioner Heydon would never have described his secret interim report as containing information which is defined as:

... a grave threat to the power and the authority of the Australian state...

And today the Senate has been shown why this Liberal and National government cannot be trusted to clean-up all the corruption that is stinking up and rotting our state and federal political systems, especially the corruption and crime in our building and construction industry.

If the Abbott government was serious about tackling crime and corruption in the building and construction industry and lowering costs, they would have moved very quickly to deregister the CFMEU, and perhaps other unions, just as the Liberal and then Labor Party combined in the 1980s to finally deregister a similar union, the Builders Labourers Federation or BLF.

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