Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2015

No other state in Australia uses as much renewable energy compared with non-renewable energy as Tasmania.

A 2014 Report from the Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics shows that in 2012-13 out of a total of Tasmania’s 3,136 Mega Watt installed capacity – 2,630 Mega Watts were from renewable Hydro Power.

In 2012-13 Tasmania had no electricity generated by either Black or Brown Coal fired power plants – however the rest of Australia (excluding Northern Territory) relied on Black and Brown Coal to produce almost 29,000 Mega Watts of electricity.

This sum of 29,000 Mega Watts of electricity represented more than a half of Australia’s total installed electricity generating capacity of 56,079. Mega Watts

Today more than 95% of Tasmania’s electricity comes from carbon-free, renewable Hydro electricity which - unlike wind and solar – is able to power heavy industry with a reliable base load power – 24 hours a day – whether the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

Put simply when we turn the power switch on in Tasmania we don’t pollute the environment with any CO2 – so why should our Businesses, Industries and Families be hit with more expensive electricity because of main land RET penalties?


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