No Rates of Pay have a big effect on Road Safety

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie after meeting with Tony Sheldon of the Transport Workers Union and with Warren Clark the CEO of National Road Transport Association - has called on the Liberal Government to empower the National Heavy Vehicle Register (NHVR) so that it can enforce and mandate the payment of 30 day accounts by big business to small trucking operators.

Click below to view conversation with Warren Clark

“ I support Senator Lazarus’s plan to immediately abolish the Federal Tribunal (RSRT) whose pay decision would have killed off 35,000 Australian small and family trucking businesses, while giving an unfair advantage to big fleet operators.

However, after speaking with Warren Clark - the CEO of National Road Transport Association, it’s become obvious that the greatest threat to Australian trucking road safety - is the failure by our big business to pay their transport bills on time.

No rates of pay have a big effect on road safety – that’s why I support legislation and the empowerment of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) so that it can enforce and mandate the payment of 30 day accounts by big business – to all trucking operators, especially those small family businesses,” said Senator Lambie.

“ I congratulate Senator Lazarus for his leadership on this matter.  I also call on the Liberal party to stop playing political games with the lives of 35,000 hard working Australian Trucking families. The Prime Minister’s decision to delay (until after the election) - the abolishment of the RSRT only creates more uncertainty for Australian trucking families.

The Liberal’s have had 2 years to fix this problem.  In saying they’ll abolish the RSRT after the election, the Liberal’s are simply manipulating this terrible trucking crisis for political gain.  The only jobs the Liberal’s are trying to save are their own.

Stop the political games.  Abolish the RSRT and their silly low pay orders now – and pass legislation which guarantees that small trucking businesses are paid on time i.e. within 30 days not 120. That’s the simplest and easiest action the parliament can take to increase Australian road safety,” said Senator Lambie.

Foreign countries that dump manufactured goods in Australia should be punished, not protected.


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie and her Senate Teams have promised to continue to fight for Australian manufacturing jobs after a Senate Committee hearing in Wollongong was given details about an overseas scam in our mining and steel industries which threatens our manufacturing industries.

 Click below to view Senator Lambie’s interview with Arthur Rorris the Secretary of the NSW, South Coast - Labour Council.

“Arthur Rorris the Secretary of the NSW, South Coast - Labour Council spoke to me after he gave evidence to a Senate Committee in Wollongong about a scam that was being carried out in the steel industry,” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr. Rorris gave evidence to the Senate Committee which indicated that overseas countries come to Australia, take our Iron ore and coal – effectively sell the product to themselves overseas – at a loss - and then avoid paying a fair share of tax in Australia.

Those countries then use our iron ore and coal to make steel overseas – and then dump that steel at unfair, subsidized, below cost prices back in Australia. Those actions have caused closure of Australian Steel manufacturing and threatens the loss of more Australian jobs and manufacturing know-how.” said Senator Lambie.

Australian federal governments have made the situation worse because a previous Senate Committee hearing informed me that we don’t have in place a National policy to buy local steel – or any other manufactured products.  When it comes to our $50B infrastructure budget, why won’t this government buy local?” said Senator Lambie.

Lambie responds to PM’s ABCC negotiation plan and takes Bob Day to the Tassie Wood Pile

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has responded to Prime Minister Turnbull’s and Family First Senator Bob Day’s plan to negotiate the ABCC Legislation through the Australian Senate.

See video below for response:

“In relation to the ABCC legislation, a few important points have to be made:

  1. The Law Council of Australia got it right. The ABCC is very bad legislation - which undermines some basic civil rights and freedoms.
I will not vote for legislation, which allows public servants to put Australian citizens in jail – because those citizens wish to exercise their right to silence.
  1. More corruption occurs in banking, finance, insurance and government departments than in the civil construction industry …
If you want to treat Australians equally with the same rule of law for all – then there must be a Commonwealth anti-corruption body – a federal ICAC, which can target all corruption.
  1. On behalf of Tasmania - I’m happy to negotiate with the PM directly in relation to any legislation on its merits – and my state’s best interests.
Bob Day is free to make decisions for himself and his own state – but the problem for Bob is that his voting record shows he should just join the Liberal party – or rename his party from Family First to - Rich Family First.

Because Bob has voted with his liberal friends to take $30B of education, health and social entitlements  from Australia’s poor – while allowing their rich Liberal mates to escape paying a fair share of tax.

And unlike Bob Day – I’m not scared of a DD election.” said Senator Lambie.

Australian workers replaced with foreign labour using Liberal’s 457visa scam

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal / National government to stop their 457 visa scam – which now means Australian workers’ jobs are being taken by foreign Labour.

“ After talking to two Maritime Engineers (see above YouTube Link) who are about to lose their jobs to foreign workers – it’s time that all Australians stood up and said No to the conservative government’s 457 visa scam,” said Senator Lambie.

“457 visas are only supposed to be used when there are no skilled Australian workers to do the job.  It’s clear after talking with Maritime Engineers Ralph Nicholson and Garry Trotter, there are plenty of skilled Australian professionals who can service and run refueling vessels in the Melbourne Port.

And the fact that this Liberal / National government is happy to hand out 457 visas to overseas Maritime Engineers while there is an oversupply of Australian Maritime Engineers is a national shame – and further evidence of corrupt political behavior,” said Senator Lambie

How can this Turnbull / Joyce government stand silent while an Australian registered, domestic refueling vessel with its Australian crew be replaced with an overseas registered vessel and foreign crew?” said Senator Lambie.

“It’s time that all Australians took notice and protested.  Today it may be the maritime workers, but tomorrow if the Liberals and National parties are allowed to continue their 457 visa scam, no Australian job will be safe from overseas workers.” said Senator Lambie.

Lambie tells Rove that parents should be able to involuntarily detox - Ice addicted children


jacanddylfinalversionJLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has spoken to Rove McManus on Sydney breakfast radio about the need for Australian parents to have the right under Australian law to involuntarily detox their children - should those children become addicted to Ice.

“ I congratulate Rove and Sam on 2Day FM for educating their audience on the dangers of Ice use.  They interview real people – tell compelling, truthful stories and strongly connect with their audience.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to understand, that most Australian parents fail to realize that they don’t have any legal rights, should their son or daughter become addicted to Ice.  If they did, then it wouldn’t be so hard to convince members of Parliament to help me change the law.

The first job I have is to educate Australian parents about their lack of rights under Australian law, to protect their children from themselves.  Speaking with broadcasters like Rove and Sam is a great way to get my message directly to the average Australian – who can then put pressure on their local members of parliament to change the law,” said Senator Lambie.

In parliament yesterday, I heard Government ministers quote all sorts of figures and statistics about the drug Ice: 268,000 regular users of Ice in Australia, Ice use doubling between 2010-13 and hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at the problem.

However, the Liberal Government’s National Ice action strategy is fatally flawed and will fail if the politicians don’t give Australian parents the right to involuntarily detox their Ice addicted children.

I have a meeting with Labor Leader Bill Shorten scheduled for Tuesday, 15th of March - where I will raise this issue - and ask Bill – beg Bill, to adopt my policy on Ice.  He’s the only political leader I believe who is now willing to listen to reason on this issue.

Unfortunately, Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals think they have all the answers.  They think they’ve already won the next election and have control of the Senate.  So they’ve stopped listening to average Australians - and listen only to their rich political donors,” said Senator Lambie.


Attorney-General to question AAT President over decision to release all of Senator’s private medical records to media

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has taken the National President of the Peace Makers and Peace Keepers Veterans Association (APPVA) Alan Thomas, to visit the Attorney-General in order to discuss a decision made by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) - which set a legal precedent that will allow Australian media access to all the private medical records of veterans, who appear before the AAT.

“Last year a Major General still serving in our Army, and also employed as a Commissioner at the AAT, made an extraordinary decision that gave a journalist employed by the Australian newspaper, full access to all my private medical records.  Major General allows journalist to access Senator’s private medical records, is a 100% truthful headline,” said Senator Lambie.

“Not only did Major General Melick make a decision that allowed the media access to my private medical records, directly used by the AAT to make a ruling in my favor years ago – the decision also allowed the journalist access to all my private medical records indirectly attached to the documents used to make an AAT decision.

“And this astonishing breach of my privacy didn’t stop there.  The Major General’s decision also allowed the media access to private letters from my solicitor, which of course are normally covered under client privilege,” said Senator Lambie.

“If the journalist had tried through Freedom of Information legislation, to access these highly private and privileged medico-legal information (which also involved close family members) – he would have naturally been denied access.

“But a loophole in the AAT legislation (section 35 – 3) has allowed the journalist, without any cost, to access all of my most private medical and legal documents.  I called the meeting with the Attorney-General to make sure that he was aware of this outrageous legal loophole and that steps were taken to close it.

Fortunately for all Australians who have appeared before the AAT, I believe the Attorney-General has recognised the gross injustice of this legal loophole.  And after the National President of the APPVA Alan Thomas finished putting forward his views, I also believe the Attorney-General now understands how much of a danger to the mental health of veterans that this legal loophole also poses,” said Senator Lambie.

“I’m continuing my own investigations into this matter.  Many people are contacting me with interesting information.  The Attorney-General seems to think that this decision was a mistake by the AAT and a simple administrative error.

I’ve been made aware of information that suggests a political party was involved in trying to obtain the release of my most private medical documents to the media.  I’ll have more to say about that information under privilege in parliament,” said Senator Lambie.

Lambie questions Government over lack of Tasmanian Defence Contracts.

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has put pressure on the Federal government to award more defence contracts to Tasmanian based businesses during question time in the Senate.

Senator asked the attached questions of Defence Minister Payne.


Senate votes to back Lambie’s call for an investigation into claims of assault, torture and international human rights abuses during SAS training.


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has welcomed a Senate vote which ensures her motion calling for an independent Senate Committee investigation of the way that SAS treat soldiers on Resistance to Interrogation training courses or exercises.

“ I’m very humbled that the Senate voted to support my motion (see here) 34 votes to 27.  The last time I felt this way, was after the Senate voted to pass my Private Members Bill which linked Australian soldiers’ pay rises to the pay rises of our Politicians.

It’s a shame that the Turnbull government have chosen to ignore that Senate vote - and pass the legislation through the lower house and make it law.  However this time it will be very difficult for the Government to ignore the will of the Senate,” said Senator Lambie.

“There are some very serious allegations about Resistance to Interrogation Training (RTI) conducted by our military that must be independently examined by a Senate Committee.  This successful vote for my motion means the government will have to co-operate and produce secret documents under special circumstances to ensure that international human rights laws have not been broken.

And that the well-being of RTI course participants has been made a number one priority.  I want to make sure that the Australian Army hasn’t covered up serious abuse, assaults and /or crimes for over a decade – and then used secrecy provisions to hide the misconduct or breach of international conventions,” said Senator Lambie.



$94B extra for budget repair in JLN Tax Reform Package


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has delivered a speech in the Senate yesterday which details $94B of new tax revenue raised by 3 simple new taxes.

“My network, the JLN, has proposed 3 simple tax reform policies - (costed by the Australia Institute) - that don’t take from Australia’s poorest, and ensures that our top earners contribute their fair share.

In ten years these 3 taxes would raise an extra $94B for Budget repair.  They are:

  1. A Super-Rich Death Tax, which would raise $5 Billion a year and would only affect 0.8% of the Australian population.
  1. Capping the Capital Gains Tax exemption to houses worth less than $2 million would raise $3 billion a year.  56% of the revenue raised by capping Capital Gains Tax on homes would come from Australia’s top 10% earners.
  2. An FTT between 0.1% and 0.01% on each of the high-frequency share trades by Australian companies which rort our financial markets using supercomputers – will raise more than $1.4 Billion a year.
Mr President, there’s 3 simple taxes Death, Capital Gains and Financial Transactions that don’t take from Australia’s poorest – make the rich pay a fair share, and will raise an extra $9.4 B a year or $94B in ten years. Slow and steady wins the race!” said Senator Lambie.

Has Australia’s SAS been involved in torture and / or breach of International Human Rights during training exercises?


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has urged the Labor Party, Greens and Independent Crossbench Senators to support her Notice of Motion next week that will call on the Liberal government to produce all video recordings since 2002, of the Australian Army’s Resistance to Interrogation Training (R.T.I).

Senator Lambie’s Notice of Motion was prompted after SAS Trooper Evan Donaldson reported to her and the Federal Police that a serious assault, involving torture had occurred while he was participating in an ADF’s Resistance to Interrogation (R.T.I) exercise.

Michael Kearns & Senator LambieSenator Lambie’s call for the production of these R.T.I video recordings is supported by Michael Kearns a retired US Air Force officer, Academic and Author – who also served in the Australian military and authored our SAS’s Resistance to Interrogation Program in 2001.

“Michael Kearns flew from America to Australia recently so he could spend time with Trooper Evan Donaldson after he heard reports that Evan had been seriously assaulted and tortured while participating in a SAS Resistance to Interrogation (R.T.I) exercise.

Michael Kearns was the US counter-terrorism / escape and evasion expert who the Australian Defence Force relied on in the early 2000’s to author and establish our SAS’s RTI training. He speaks with a lot of authority and insider’s knowledge on the subject,” said Senator Lambie.

“When Michael Kearns says that he has concerns about possible human rights abuses and torture which may have occurred on our SAS’s RTI training after speaking with Trooper Donaldson – it’s time for the Parliament and Australian people to listen.  Michael makes the important point, which was confirmed by the Chief of the Army during recent estimates hearings, that all SAS RTI training is videoed.

Mr Kearns supports my call for all those recordings to be brought before a Senate Committee (in closed hearings to protect identities and operation security) so that our Senate can independently satisfy itself that the systemic torture and/or human rights abuses which happened in America during similar military programs, was not repeated in Australia,” said Senator Lambie.

“The 2 key questions I want answered are:

  1. Has Australia’s SAS been involved in torture and/ or breach of International Human Rights during its training exercises?
  2. Trooper Evan Donaldson is one victim – are there more?
Mr Kearns has indicated that he would be very happy to give evidence to the Senate Committee and that its work would be made easier if the Committee requested the Department of Defence released to the closed Senate session the two Defence Instructions on RTI:
  1. Army Land Warfare Publication  (LWP) INT 2-1-3 (2001)
  2. Defence Instruction (General) OPS 39-1 (8 December 1998)
Michael Kearns will be available for media comment in Canberra tomorrow 29.2.16, from 1.30pm at my Senate office,” said Senator Lambie