Liberal, Green and Labor cover up of Political donations


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has once again demanded that all political parties adopt the JLN’s system of open and transparent real-time disclosure for political donations – and show the people of Australia exactly who has given them money, and how much - before election day.  

Senator Lambie has issued her challenge in a 30sec YouTube video clip:

“It’s not right or fair that Australian voters will only find out in approximately 18 months who - and how much - was donated to our major political parties.

I challenge the big parties to adopt the JLN’s system of real-time disclosure for political donations.

Mr Turnbull and Shorten - show us exactly who has given you money, and how much - before election day.

I’ve shown you mine – now you can show me yours,” said Senator Lambie.

No preference deals with any Political Party

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has ruled out preference deals with any political party and has promised an open ticket.

If ordinary Tasmanians want the balance of power in the new Parliament - then they have the option to Vote 1 JLN, and fill in the Senate ballot boxes - 2 to 6, as they please.

I will not tell my supporters how to direct their preferences and I will not compromise or undermine my Network’s independence - and do preference deals with any political parties.

My track record shows I have - and will always, put my state, our families, workers, pensioners, farmers, veterans, uni–students and Diggers first.  The JLN mainland senate candidates in Vic, NSW and QLD also have the independence and freedom to always put their states and battler's first in all decisions.

Marcus Saltmarsh – JLN No1 Senate Candidate QLD

Allan Thomas – JLN No 1 Senate Candidate - NSW

Hugh Dolan – JLN No1 Senate Candidate – Victoria

That’s the big difference between the JLN network and the major parties.  Every vote in the parliament for a future JLN senator is essentially a conscience vote - and should always be in their battlers’ and state’s best interests.  Because we share similar values and agree on core policies – JLN Senators will work together in Parliament to keep the bastards honest. ”said Senator Lambie.

JLN running Defence Veterans in QLD, NSW and VIC, who won’t sell-out their mates


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has challenged all former members of the ADF who are running for political office - to support JLN policies, which truly stand up for Veterans, serving members and their families.

“I’m very proud and excited to announce that the JLN has chosen 3 defence Veterans to lead our Senate teams in QLD, NSW and VIC".

Marcus Saltmarsh – JLN No1 Senate Candidate QLD

Allan Thomas – JLN No 1 Senate Candidate - NSW

Hugh Dolan – JLN No1 Senate Candidate – Victoria

“These men, like other defence veterans who are running for political office – have given Australia courageous, unselfish and distinguished service,” said Senator Lambie.

However, there is a major difference between the JLN candidates and other political parties’ veteran candidates. The JLN senate candidates will truly stand up for our Veterans, serving ADF members and their families by supporting:

  • Automatic grant of a Health Gold Card to all ADF members who have served in war or war like conditions overseas.
  • Royal Commission into the Department of Veterans Affairs - whose arrogance, incompetence and dysfunction is contributing to a record number of Veterans’ suicides.
  • JLN Private Member’s bill, which was historically passed by the Senate and permanently links Digger’s pay rises to the CPI or Politicians pay rises – whichever is greater,” said Senator Lambie.
Defence Uniforms

“I don’t have a problem with political candidates using pictures of themselves in their defence uniforms during campaigns. They’ve earned the right. But I do have a problem when they toe the big political parties’ line - and refuse to support the JLN’s three important veteran and defence policies.

It shows that those former ADF members are prepared to become just another politician.

Their lack of public support for the JLN’s policies also shows that they are prepared to betray the values of their uniform (loyalty, honour and respect), sell out their fellow veterans and serving diggers - so that the candidates can establish a political career with a party - which clearly does not care about our Vets, Diggers and their families.” said Senator Lambie.

Click for Defence Bios

ABC Fact Check got it wrong – official Government report shows 1.9m overseas workers have taken Aussie jobs

A report by ABC Fact Check stating Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie was wrong when she claimed there were more than 1 million 457 Visa workers in Australia on Monday night’s Q and A – was in fact, wrong.

“When I used the term `457’s” on ABC TV’s Q&A, I was using common Aussie slang for visa’s which allow overseas visitors, to work temporarily in Australia.  But in slapping me over the wrist - it seems that ABC Fact Check chose not to accept, that most Australians call overseas workers who take our jobs “457’s”.

I guess being literal and not taking into account Aussie Slang - is part of the job description for becoming a staff member of ABC Fact Check (I hope any new government keeps funding them because the ABC Fact Checkers keep all politicians on their toes.)

However what they can’t deny is that in my case I’ve presented to them - Independent research conducted by the Australian Parliamentary Library (Temporary Entrants and NZ citizens in Australia 31st Dec 2015 by Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection) which shows the number of overseas visitors who are allowed to temporarily work in Australia today is in fact 1,986,420.

This includes 634,560 Kiwis.  It also includes: Visitor Visa Holders, Student Visa Holders, Temporary Skilled, Working Holiday Maker, Bridging, Other Temporary Visa Holders and Temporary Graduates - all of whom are allowed officially to work, at least 20 hrs per week.

There is no getting away from the fact that 1, 986, 420 non-Australian workers – have jobs in Australia today.  I call them 457’s.   You and ABC Fact Check may have another name for them.  Are they stopping our children from winning apprenticeships and jobs?

I’ll let you be the judge. But I think that every hour of work given to a 457 visa holder – or a ‘temporary visa holder’ – is an hour taken away from too many unemployed Australians who have become an official statistics at Centerlink.

I admire and respect the ABC’s Fact Check work, but in this case they got it wrong.” Senator Lambie said.

Tasmanian Dairy Farmers “sucked in” and “shafted” while a Dairy Distributor was bullied by Deputy Prime Minister’s office

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has launched two new 5 minute YouTube videos, following meetings with:

A number of Tasmanian Dairy Farmers and group legal action lawyer Stewart Levitt, who said that the Tasmanian Dairy farmers had been “sucked in” and “shafted”…

Acting CEO Darryl Cardona of National Dairy Products, who says that the Deputy Prime Minister’s office tried to “silence” him regarding warnings about the Liberal Governments failed $555m Dairy rescue package.

“ Following these meetings I’m very concerned by the way our Dairy Farmers have been treated by the Milk Multinationals and this conservative Government.  Between the Milk Multinationals and the Lib/Nat Government, they’ve destroyed the Australian Dairy industry - either deliberately or through incompetence.  And no one is offering a solution to this man-made dairy crisis - or being held to account for their reckless, harmful actions,” said Senator Lambie.

“I urge all Australian Dairy Farmers who are victims of a milk price which has been deliberately driven down to get good legal advice before they decide on a course of action.  And I once again call on both the Government and Opposition to support a 50c Milk levy. It’s clear that if Australia wants to save our Dairy Industry and farmers lives - a 50c per litre levy must be introduced immediately.

It's not silly to say that if a milk levy is not established - our children and grandchildren will be forced to drink milk imported from 3rd world countries which allow hormones and other harmful substances to contaminate their dairy industry – and our food security compromised.

If the JLN holds the balance of power in a new Senate, we will take all actions necessary to protect and save Australian Dairy families and their communities.” said Senator Lambie.


Lambie to meet with Melbourne Dairy Producer bullied by Barnaby Joyce’s office and told to remain “silent”

Tasmania JLN Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie will meet with Victorian Dairy Producer and acting CEO of National Dairy Products – Darryl Cardona who was told yesterday not to continue with press releases, (see attached) which support a national milk levy scheme by staff of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

Senator Lambie raised this matter of an attempt by the Deputy Prime Minister’s office trying to silence Mr Cardona on ABC’s Q&A last night.

“ My office has been informed by Darryl that under the Government’s $555M loan and welfare scheme about half of Australia’s 6000 Dairy Farmers will miss out on government support. We’ve also been informed by National Dairy Products acting CEO Mr Cardona that only dairy farmers who own the freehold title to their farm – not leasehold, or share farmers are able to participate in Barnaby Joyce’s scheme.

Once again it’s another example of Barnaby, the Nationals and Liberals being tricky and abandoning rural and regional Australia.  Barnaby failed to stand up for his own electorate when a Chinese Coal mine was established in the middle of some of Australia’s best agricultural and cropping land in the Liverpool Plains – and now he’s betrayed our farmers again.

The Liberals and Nationals have taken their support in rural Australia for granted and put our dairy farmers, their families and supporters last – it’s time that the bush returned the favor to Mr Joyce and his political mates at the ballot box this election.

If JLN holds the balance of power in the Senate – we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that a national dairy levy of 50c p/l is established and our dairy families are saved.” said Senator Lambie.


Lambie organises free legal advice for Tasmanian Dairy Farmer

Tasmanian Independent JLN Senator Jacqui Lambie has organised for a legal firm which specializes in group legal actions to consult with and offer free legal advice to Tasmanian Dairy farmers next Thursday 2.6.16 at her Burnie office.

“If you’re a Dairy Farmer there are many complex legal questions - you may want answered by the experts.  Massive profits have been made by the Multinationals while our Australian Dairy Farmers go broke – and the price of milk is driven down.

I’ve arranged for a law firm - Levitt / Robinson Solicitors that specialises in group legal actions –  to visit my office on Thursday the 2nd of June to offer free advice.

If you want to know more - give my office a call (03 6431 2233) ” said Senator Lambie in a YouTube video address.

“Some Australian Dairy Farmers may like to seek specialist legal advice on Parliamentary Library research I recently commissioned which shows that:

In the United States in 2014, the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a milk marketing cooperative, settled a class action brought by a number of dairy farmers alleging that DFA had cooperated with Dean Foods to effectively reduce the raw milk prices paid to farmers.  The settlement figure was reported as $50million USD.” said Senator Lambie.

.   M Astley, ‘DFA to pay $50m to settle Northeast US milk price lawsuit’,, 16 July 2014.


Australian Dairy Farmers go broke while Multinational Milk distributors make $2.B plus of profits

Tasmanian Independent JLN Senator Jacqui Lambie has renewed her call for all political parties to commit to a 50c per / litre Milk levy - after independent Parliamentary research* shows that profit over the last 3 years for our big 4 Milk distributors was $2B plus, while 40% of Tasmanian Dairy Farmers were at risk of going broke.

“Everyone in the Australian milk business is making lots money – except our Australian farmers.

Independent research shows that over 3 years - total profits for Australia’s Multinational Milk distributors is greater than $2B.

How can such massive profits be made by the Multinationals, while our Australian Dairy Farmers go broke? Dairy farmers need a fair price… not more government debt.

The only solution to this Milk crisis is a 50c per / litre levy, paid directly to our Dairy farmers,” said Senator Lambie in a YouTube address.

“Figures from the Parliamentary Library for the last 3 years show that some of the Multinational Milk distributors’ total profit was:

  • $1.21B - Fonterra
  • $82.5M - Murray Goulburn
  • $656m - Lion
  • $129M - Parmalat
And I haven’t even considered the profits of the two big national retailers of milk!” said Senator Lambie.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s and Barnaby Joyce’s recently announced $555 M package of concessional loans and welfare is not a life-line for the Australian Dairy industry – it’s just a sly, cheap headline for the government during an election campaign.” said Senator Lambie.


* parl






18 May 2016

Dairy brief

You asked for information on:

  1. Please give overall summary of Fonterra - ownership, profits, customers, donations to political parties
  2. Identify all of Australia's milk manufacturers and buyers
  3. Describe their corporate structure
  4. Who makes up their management
  5. Identify local and overseas ownership
  6. Annual Profits for the last 10 years
  7. Number of people they employ
  8. List donations to any political parties for the last 2 elections
  9. Compare how much farmers are being paid on a per litre and per weight of milk fat basis to OECD countries.


  1. General information on Fonterra is contained in the table provide in response to question 2. Other information on Fonterra in contained below

Fonterra appears to export a large majority of its products to a large variety of customers around the world.  Earnings before interest and tax in the 2014–15 financial year by region were:

  • Oceania $51 m
  • Asia $202 m
  • Greater China $45 m
  • Latin America $110 m.

Fonterra was implicated in the 2008 Chinese melamine scandal (as it was a part owner of the Sanlu Group, who’s products, contained the melamine) and its CEO, Theo Spierings, recently said ‘what we are doing is (sic) drive every sent of money which we can out of Australia back to New Zealand shareholders’.

  1. The table below details information on the major dairy processes in Australia, responding to 2. a to e.
Corporate Structure Senior Management Annual Profit Shareholders No. Employees
Bulla foods Private Company based in Derrimut, Victoria. N/A N/A Bulla has been owned by the same three Victorian families since the company was founded in Melbourne in 1910. N/A
Fonterra Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, a Limited Public Company headquartered in New Zealand. Non-Executive Chairman -    John Wilson                       CEO  -           Theo Spierings 2013 - NZD647.9 million

2014 - NZD141.7 million

2015 - NZD420.5 million

Owned by a co-operative of 10,500 dairy farmers across New Zealand. 16,000 globally of which 1,800 are in Australia
Lion Lion Pty Ltd is a foreign owned proprietary company. Non-Executive Chairman -                  Roderick Eddington       CEO -               Stuart Irvine 2013 –

($229.1 million)

2014 –

$188.5 million

2015 –

$238.7 million

Wholly owned by the Japanese company Kirin Holdings. 7000+ across all of its brands (dairy and non-dairy) in Australia and New Zealand
Murray Goulburn        Co-operative Murry Goulburn is a co-operative with trust units listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Chairman -                           Philip Tracy 2013 –

$29.4 million

2014 –

$27.9 million

2015 –

$25.2 million

2600 farmers are unit holders of the company. 2,400 employees
Parmalat Australia Parmalat Australia is a subsidiary of Parmalat SpA of Italy. CEO -            Craig Garvin 2013 –

$38.8 million

2014 –

$56.4 million

2015 –

$34.0 million

Parmalat Australia’s immediate parent company is Parmalat Belgium SA which is owned by Parmalat SpA which is subsequently owned by the Lactalis Group of France. Parmalat has 36,000 employees in 18 countries, 2,500 of which are in Australia
Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Non-Executive Chairman -                     Lino Saputo Jnr           President and COO -                   Kai Bockman                             CEO -            David Lord 2013 –

$7.5 million

2014 –

$21.3 million

2015 –

$34.3 million

Majority shareholder (88%) is Canadian company Saputo Inc.                                  Lion Dairy and Drinks Pty Ltd also have a large shareholding (10%). 510   employees
Bega Cheese Bega is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Chairman -              Barry Irvi


CEO -           Aidan Coleman

2013 –

$25.5 million 2014 –

$66.1 million  2015 –

$12.4 million

The largest shareholder is New Zealand Milk (Australasia) Pty Ltd  (9% of issued shares) 1700 employees
Only Lion has lodged a donor return in the last 10 years.

The below table outlines its donation figures.

Year Coaliton ALP Grand Total
2008-09 $12,732 $39,977 $52,709
2009-10 $12,800 $52,604 $65,404
2010-11 $1,149 $12,447 $13,596
2011-12 $47,000 $92,500 $139,500
2012-13 $94,637 $6,570 $101,207
2013-14 $66,900 $46,262 $113,162
2014-15 $63,600 $45,000 $108,600
Grand Total $298,818 $295,360 $594,178

Note: The information on political donations is drawn from the donation disclosures lodged by political donors with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and available from the AEC’s Annual Returns database. The information was extracted from the AEC’s database in February 2016, which includes returns for the 2014/15 financial year, and may omit amendments to returns lodged since then. Please note that donations will only be listed here if the donor has submitted a donation return to the AEC for that particular financial year and only donations above the disclosure threshold (CPI indexed from $10,000 in 2005) are required to be listed.

  1. World farm gate milk price
In Australia, farmgate milk prices are reported in dollars per kg of milk solid. For example, Fonterra and Murray Goulburn reduced their rate from $5.60 per kg of milk solids to between $4.75 and $5.00 per kg of milk solids. Other countries report farmgate milk prices differently, such as milk per litre and per 100 litres. The below table shows milk prices in euros per 100 litres.

Farm gate dairy prices, euros per 100L, various countries

€ per 100L Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16
Argentia 18.58 17.18 17.4 -
Belarus 20.32 18.38 19.25 -
Brazil 24.11 24.95 27.8 29.99
China 49.86 49 49.02 47.24
Japan 77.46 18.76 80.23 -
New Zealand 21.22 19.99 20.29 -
Russia 26.12 25.62 28.12 -
US 32.68 31.2 30.39 -
Uruguay 22.11 21.48 22.11 -
UK     29.65*  
By comparison, Australian farm gate prices (for $5.00 and $4.75 per kg of milk solids) in euros per 100L are approximately €22.75 and €24.05, based on an exchange rate of $1 Aud = 0.65 euros.

The price of $5.60 per kg of milk solid equates to 26.25 euros per 100 litres.

*The UK figures are based on a milk price of 24.17 pence per litre and an exchange rate of 1 pound to 1.28 euros.

References (for the table):

IBIS World Company Reports –
  • Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
  • Lion Pty Ltd
  • Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Limited
  • Parmalat Australia Pty Ltd
  • Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company Holdings Limited
Annual Reports: Company Websites:


.   Fonterra, Annual Review 2015, p. 38, accessed 18 May 2016.

.   B Bouckley, ‘Fonterra never checked Sanlu’s dairy products prior to a deadly China melamine crisis, study warns’, Dairy, 20 June 2014, accessed 18 May 2016.

.   J Durie, ‘Condensed pain for Fonterra’s farmers’, The Australian, 18 May 2016, accessed 18 May 2016.

.   AHDB Dairy, ‘UK, GB and NI Farmgate prices’, AHDB Dairy website, 5 May 2016, accessed 18 May 2016.



Lambie supports calls for an emergency 50c per litre - Milk Levy

Lambie supports calls for an emergency 50c per litre - Milk Levy

Following meetings and feedback from the Tasmanian Dairy industry - Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has launched a new YouTube video calling for a 50c per litre milk levy - and has arranged for Tasmanian dairy farmers to receive free legal advice from class action experts.

Click below to view 30sec message from Jacqui (see attachment 1 for Transcript)

“I trust the feedback I’ve received from the Tasmanian Dairy Industry – and I believe our farmers when they say that 40% of Tasmania’s Dairy Farms will be sold off to foreigners, bankrupted or shut down after the latest official downgrade of Australian milk prices – if no action is taken by our government.

So that why I’m standing up for our dairy farmers and calling for a 50c p/l emergency levy on our milk for at least 2 years - which go straight to our Australian dairy farmers. We must save our farmers and look after our food security for our grand children.

Cost of Milk V Water now and into the future.

It is ridiculous that we’ve got to the situation in Australia - where I can buy a litre of milk for  $1.25 - and at the same store I’m charged $2.80 for a 750 ml of water.  We may be paying record cheap prices now, for our milk, but if our local farmers are squeezed out of the market – what price will our grand children be paying for their milk? They may even need to import milk – if our safe, high-quality milk products are reserved for overseas use by future overseas owners of our farms?” said Senator Lambie.

Are Australian Dairy Farmers at fault for Milk Crisis?

“I don’t believe it’s our dairy farmers fault, that they’ve found themselves in this crisis. Many of them were told by the big milk buying companies in December last year at formal meetings, that they were going to be paid $6 per kilo for 1 kg of Milk solids. At that price our farmers could have paid their bills and made a little extra for their families.

But some how the guaranteed price of milk for our farmers collapsed to below the cost of production and the same milk marketing companies in May 2016 - were only offering $4.75 to $5 per kilo of a kg of Milk solids.” said Senator Lambie.

Complex Legal Questions to be answered

“There’s plenty of complex questions Tasmanian dairy farmers want answered by legal experts in order to properly consider all their options. So that is why I’ve arranged for representatives of a law firm (Levitt Robinson) which specialises in group legal actions - to visit my office to offer free advise in early June,” said Senator Lambie.

“Parliamentary research I recently commissioned says in relation to group legal action carried out overseas against milk processors:

In the United States in 2014, the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a milk marketing cooperative, settled a class action brought by a number of dairy farmers alleging that DFA had cooperated with Dean Foods to effectively reduce the raw milk prices paid to farmers. The settlement figure was reported as $50million USD.

If any farmers are interested in having a free, confidential chat with a legal rep from Levitt Robinson Solicitors then I’d ask them to make contact with my office and express their interest.” said Senator Lambie.

Organic Milk Farming - a saviour for some?

“I’ve been informed that a potential saviour for the Tasmanian Dairy industry could be the farming and production of milk which comes from Farms which have been officially certified as Organic. When compared with normal milk which is now marketing between $4.75 and $5 for I kilo* of milk solids – organic milk markets at almost double the price – around $8 to $9 per 1 kilo of milk solids.

(*Note - 13 to 14 litres of milk are needed to make up I kg of milk solids)

Unusual Chinese Investment in our Dairy Industry.

“The 50c emergency levy would give many of our farmers the time and financial resources to transition into being producers of organic milk. It would also stop the sell up of Australian farms to overseas interests – many of whom are from China and who are not investing to get a normal return on capital outlay.

My Victorian JLN candidate Hugh Dolan, described the unusual situation perfectly when he talked about Chinese investment in our Australian Dairy industry.” said Senator Lambie.

Click below to view 30 sec Hugh Dolan statement on Chinese Investment.




Attachment 1

Lambie YouTube Script – 50c Milk Levy

I just purchased these from my local supermarket in Burnie.

I paid $1.25 for the milk and $2.80 for the water! Fair bloody go Australia!

That’s why I’m calling for a 50c milk levy – to ensure our Aussie farmers aren’t milked dry.

Just 50c will help keep our Tassie and Aussie Farmers afloat. So invest in the future of our dairy industry and guarantee our food security. I know what I’d rather pay for…


Liberal’s “Catch and Release” policy for terrorist supporters means 6 down 184 to go...

After the latest news of the arrest of the 6th Australian Terrorist supporter - Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has once again called on the Prime Minister and Attorney General to forget political correctness - and authorise the arrest and charging of all the remaining 184 Islamic State terrorist supporters - who are being officially watched by ASIO and other government agencies.

“This 6th arrest of an Australian Terrorist supporter proves that the Liberal’s have a “Catch and Release”  policy in place - which risks the security for all Australians.  The Liberals are trying to use this latest arrest to boost their security credentials – but using ASIO’s own figures disclosed to me during Estimates … its 6 Australian Terrorist supporters down, 184 to go… ” said  Senator  Lambie

“When I tell Tasmanians that there are at least 190 radicalised Australian citizens who are actively supporting Islamic State and still living in our communities - while being officially watched by ASIO – the average person is stunned.  And everyone asks the same question my Victorian senate candidate and security expert Hugh Dolan asks in his 30 sec YouTube video:

Why aren’t they arrested …. charged with serious crimes?” said Senator Lambie.


Hugh Dolan – JLN Vic Senate Candidate and Security Expert.

 4 Important questions Government must answer about Terrorist supporters

 Following the arrest of the Islamic Terrorist supporters in Cairns and now in Sydney - and continuing high likelihood of a terrorist attack on Australian soil - there are a number of important questions the government must answer before the election:
  1. Are any of the 6 radicalized Australians recently arrested in Cairns and Sydney receiving welfare payments?
  1. Are they part of ASIO's official watch list that were described to me during the February senate committee questioning... (see attached Hansard) or are these new terrorist supporters?
  1. Given that ASIO has admitted they have strong evidence of these 190 people financing, recruiting or facilitating for an enemy we are officially at war with - why haven't these traitors been arrested and charged with serious crimes like Treason and Sedition - just to name a few?
  1. ASIO and the Government refused to tell me how much it costs to monitor these threats to innocent Australians - when will they come clean with the Australian public?” said Senator