Voluntary National Service Trainee and Apprenticeship scheme (NSTAS) is a solution to youth unemployment

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The JLN policy will offer basic military training and the opportunity to compete for military trade, apprenticeship and trainee courses, to all 18-year-old Australians who are not employed or studying for a university degree, vocational education or trade qualification.

JLN’s official policy provides a solution to the youth unemployment crisis.  At a national level youth unemployment is 12% and for Tasmania is even higher at 15.2% (RDA Tasmania, Jan 2016).  If the JLN scheme is introduced those Australians who choose not to volunteer and are not earning or learning in civilian life, will not be eligible to receive any Government welfare.

“The Government has denied training to young Australians, while importing foreign workers and tradespeople on 457 visas”

“To make Australia great again we need voluntary national service for young people, it worked for over 40 years,” said Senator Lambie.

“Once young Australians have successfully completed NSTAS if they are still unable to find work, they will then qualify to receive government welfare again.  At least they will have some skills and training behind them that will greatly increase their chances of employment.” said Senator Lambie.

$30M must be set a side by Feds for Cradle Mountain Master Tourism Plan – Mayor Martin

Independent JLN Senate Candidate and Mayor of Devonport Steve Martin has vowed in a 30sec YouTube to continue the fight for $30M in Federal Government seed funding to kick-start a $160M Cradle Mountain Master Tourism Plan, Cable Car and Wilderness Centre.

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“Because of my experience in Tasmanian small business and local government I know that to create more jobs for our grandchildren – we need more tourism.

The Tourism Master Plan for Cradle Mountain will boost visitor numbers by 30,000 and create hundreds of new jobs.

It will only cost the federal government $30m.  With your vote – we’ll fight to secure funding for Cradle Mountain.” said Mayor Martin


Fake Tradie Debate” challenged and replaced with more important matters (Vet Suicides & Pensioner Living Costs) by JLN QLD Senate

Independent JLN Senate Candidate for QLD, Marcus Saltmarsh has taken an opportunity during an interview on ABC TV’s “The Drum” to direct the national political debate back to more important matters than a TV commercial featuring a “Fake Tradie ”.

Mr Saltmarsh a former Australian Army officer who recently received an official apology from the Department of Defence because of the manner in which he was treated – and who suffered mental injuries after serving in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan - used his first time on a National Current Affairs show to highlight the plight of Veterans and Pensioners.

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“We’re talking about hashtag fake tradie - when people like me want to talk about the fact that there’s been 278 veteran suicides since 1999.

I thought I was going to be number 250, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was able to get an assistance dog and a lot of us can’t… that I could quite easily have been.

“ We’ve got pensioners out there that can’t afford to pay their electricity bills … the rising costs of simply living in this country!” said Mr. Saltmarsh.

Mayor Steve Martin promises to continue fight for better Tasmanian public health in Canberra

Independent Tasmanian JLN Senate Candidate and Mayor of Devonport Steve Martin has vowed in a 30sec YouTube to continue the fight for better public Health Services in Tasmania and to protect Medicare & GP’s Bulk billing.

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“During my years of local government and community service - I’ve fought tooth and nail for better public health services.

Right now - our public health services are under serious threat.  Unfortunately, our Medicare and GP’s Bulking Billing Systems - are also under threat.

I’ve joined Jacqui’s independent Senate team - so that I can continue our fight in Canberra - for better public health services.” said Mayor Martin

Federal Anti-Corruption body or ICAC supported by JLN

In a 30sec new YouTube video born and bred North Queenslander and JLN QLD Senate Candidate, Crystal Peckett has announced that the JLN will support the establishment of a federal Anti-Corruption body similar to ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption - NSW) or CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission - QLD)

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“G’day Crystal Peckett here... I’m a born and breed North QLDer …and proud member of Jacqui Lambie’s Senate team.

Our political system and economy is rigged in favor of the rich who give money to politicians. Australians are sick and tired of the corruption and waste in our government.

The JLN supports the establishment of a federal Anti - Corruption commission… We’ll keep the bastards honest.” said Crystal Peckett

Australians can’t buy Chinese Farms, so how can they buy ours?

Independent JLN Senate Candidate for Victoria and former intelligence officer with the Australian Defence Force Hugh Dolan has challenged all of Australia’s major political parties to give a guarantee that they will not take any more political funding from people closely linked to the Chinese government.

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“ Why has the Liberal Government allowed people and companies associated with the Chinese Government to buy our homes, land, farms and ports?  The Chinese Government won’t let us buy their homes, land, farms and ports – so why have the Liberal politicians allowed this to happen?

Over the last 2 elections, people and companies linked to the Chinese government have donated $5M to Australian Political Parties.  We don’t take that sort of funding,” said Mr. Dolan.

“ I back Hugh 100%.  We should be asking more questions about the source of all, political funding.  Political funding if not managed properly has the potential to increase the risk of corruption and crime.

Both the Labor and Coalition side of politics have continued to effectively take secret political donations, which won’t be revealed before this election.  Once again I challenge them to copy the JLN system of disclosing political funding in as close to real-time - as possible,” said Senator Lambie.


Don’t vote Liberal or Labor

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has met with Alex Robertson - the Vice President of Farmer Power, the new lobby group representing Dairy Farmers - and asked Alex what message he has for Australian Dairy Farmers for this election.

Alex Robertson gives his advice in a 30sec YouTube video clip:

“I wasn’t surprised when Alex told me that his message for the Dairy Industry was – Don’t vote Liberal or Labor. Vote Independents. Let's take control of our industries back and stop the Supermarkets controlling or ruining our lives – more to the point.” said Senator Lambie.

“Independents including JLN Candidates in Tas, Vic, NSW, and QLD - holding the balance of power in the next parliament - are the only hope that 40% of our Dairy farmers have of saving their businesses.” said Senator Lambie.

“All our Dairy farmers have been treated in an appalling manner by milk multinationals and supermarkets - and I find it very hard to understand why our major political parties refuse to support a 50c per litre milk levy. It’s the only thing that will stop our dairy farmers from going broke - and guarantee that our children will be able to access fresh Australian milk in the future.

If JLN senators hold the balance of power after this election – a 50 per litre milk levy, which the majority of Australians support - will be one of the first policy issues we’ll negotiate with the new Prime Minister,” said Senator Lambie.


Cradle Mountain Tourism Cash must come before 2nd Bass Link Cable Cash

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Labor Leader Bill Shorten to commit another $15M to the Cradle Mountain Tourism development (making for a total Labor commitment of $30M) before promising federal funding to a second Bass Link Cable.

Senator Lambie has also continued to put pressure on Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Liberals to promise $30M for the Cradle Mountain Tourism development.

“Yesterday Devonport Mayor and JLN Senate Candidate, Steve Martin and I meet with Ian Waller - the regional Tourism Manger of Cradle Coast Authority at Cradle Mountain.

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“Ian agreed with me when I said in relation to the Cradle Mountain Tourism development that the Liberal party should not take Tasmanian votes for granted,” said Senator Lambie.

“In regard to the Cradle Mountain Tourism development Mayor Steve Martin told me that: `There has been outstanding support from nine municipal councils on the North-West Coast’.

“While Bill Shorten and Labor should be patted on the back for committing $15M to Cradle Mountain Tourism development so far – I’m disappointed that he’s made multi-million dollar commitments to a 2nd Bass link Cable, before promising the extra $15M that’s needed from the federal government to kick-start a world class wilderness tourism development, which will:

  • Inject $30 million into the state economy each year;
  • Ignite a $160 million public-private tourism development for Cradle Mountain featuring Cradle Chairlift and an alpine wilderness village;
  • Attract an extra 60,000 visitors a year; and
  • Deliver hundreds of new Tasmanian jobs.
“If Bill Shorten listened carefully to the business community of Tasmania, he would find out that many business owners would advise him that they could find better ways of investing a billion dollars into Tasmania to deliver infrastructure and government projects that would more quickly create jobs and economic growth – rather than sinking it into a 2nd Bass link Cable,” said Senator Lambie.



Libs and Labor must cough up Cradle Mountain Cash

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Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has demanded that both the Liberal and Labor parties commit to $30M of Federal funding for the Cradle Mountain Tourist master plan, following the release of unemployment statistics which showed that 4100 Tasmanian jobs vanished in eight months.

“Its now time for the political games to stop and for the major parties to deliver a win / win for the unemployed and small businesses of Tasmanian.  A $30m federal government investment into the Cradle Mountain Master Tourism Plan must be coughed up and promised by both Labor and Liberals before the election.

This money will kick-start a world class tourism wilderness development which will:

  • Inject $30 million into the state economy each year,
  • Ignite a $160 million public-private tourism development for Cradle Mountain featuring Cradle Chairlift and an alpine wilderness village
  • Attract an extra 60,000 visitors a year and
  • Deliver hundreds of new Tasmanian jobs.
This development opportunity comes at a time when the unemployment figures prove that all the Liberal’s talk about jobs and growth in Tasmanian is just that – empty, shallow, meaningless talk.

If the federal Liberals do not commit to a development that all Tasmanian local government authorities are crying out for - and the Liberal state government has already promised $15M for – then it is clear they have taken Tasmanian voters support for granted.

No amount of flash political advertising and signs will make up for the laziness and incompetence of the Liberal MPs’ and Senators for the last 2.5 years - and the loss of Tasmanian jobs and business growth their laziness and incompetence has caused,” said Senator Lambie.

“Today, Ian Waller the regional Tourism Manger of Cradle Coast Authority agreed with myself and JLN Senate Candidate and Devonport Mayor Steve Martin that if both political parties promised $30M it was a win / win for Tasmania. Mr Waller then reminded us that - we don’t build the Cradle Project, which is something purely for the North West.

If we get $30 M from the Feds and we get our contribution from the state – it will be a great project for the north-west – but it will be an enormous project for the whole of the state of Tasmania” said Senator Lambie.


Lessons of Florida’s radical Islamic terror attack must be learnt


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on the Prime Minister, to give a public guarantee that none of Australia’s 190 active Islamic state supporters – who are officially monitored by Australia’s spy agency ASIO – have access to weapons, firearms or security licences.

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“ASIO chief Duncan Lewis told me during Senate Estimates committee hearing recently - that there were 190 Islamic Australians who had raised funds and recruited for Isis. And that Australia’s spy agency was officially watching them.

Mr Lewis also said those radicalised Islamic terrorist supporters also exhorted young people to join Isis, but refused to tell me how much it cost the tax payer to simply watch these Isis allies.” said Senator Lambie.

Click below to view ASIO answers to Senator Lambie’s questions about radicalized Islamic Australians.

“Given that the Islamic terrorist who just massacred 50 Americans at a night club was monitored and interviewed twice by America’s FBI – and yet was officially allowed to hold weapons and security licences … I think it’s fair enough that the management of Australia’s 190 radicalised Islamic terrorist supporters is put under greater public scrutiny.

I simply want to know if the Government has allowed them access to weapons and security licences? Once that answer is given, at least Australia can say - we’ve started to learn the lessons of the latest violent radical Islamic terror attack. ”said Senator Lambie.