4 Immediate and Important matters for Tasmania must be addressed before the next parliament sits

Independent JLN Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has promised to co-operate and consult with all elected to the new Parliament to deliver a stable government and has urged all to focus on 4 immediate and important matters:

  1. $1.2B of Aged Care Cuts Nationally ($40M of Tasmanian cuts & 750 jobs threatened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4jbFvQTbm4)
2. Liberal and Labor removal of School Kids Bonus and Family Tax Benefits

3. Establishment of 50c Per/Litre Milk Levy for Dairy Farmers

4. Government Defence and other contracts to help increase local job and training opportunities

"In addition to addressing and fixing my 4 important matters, my message to whoever is going to form the new government - is to learn the lessons of the past and consult with crossbenchers before legislation is introduced to parliament." said Senator Lambie.

"In the past there was zero consultation with the community and crossbenchers before new controversial legislation was suddenly introduced to parliament.  This caused a lot of the chaos and instability in the last parliament." said Senator Lambie.

"I also look forward to working closely with Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie to deliver for Tasmania in the new Parliament." said Senator Lambie.

Liberal lies will not distract Lambie from exposing $1.2B worth of cuts to Aged Care and the threat to 750 Tasmanian jobs

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has referred the latest dishonest and misleading public statements from Tasmania Liberal Party director Sam McQuestin regarding JLN voting preferences to her legal council, but has promised not to be distracted from exposing savage Liberal cuts to Tasmania’s Aged Cared sector.

“The Tasmania Liberal Party director Sam McQuestin has been caught out lying again about my voting preferences (I have - and always have had an open ticket and have never preference any political party in how to vote cards)  - but it’s not unusual for Liberal party state directors to be dishonest.” said Senator Lambie.

Who could forget the performance of former Tasmanian Liberal Party executive Damien Mantach, a proven liar and close collegue of Sam McQuestin – who, as the state director of Victoria was found guilty of theft after he embezzled $1.5M worth of party funds.

Mr Mantach was also found guilty of deception to gain political advantage. According to an ABC report :


“Mr Mantach was forced to resign after using a party credit card for $48,000 worth of personal expenses.” and “Tasmanian Liberal Party state director Sam McQuestin will not resign over the handling of former director Damien Mantach's resignation in 2008.”

The Sam McQuestin mentioned in the August 28th 2015 ABC news report - is the same Sam McQuestin and Tasmanian Liberal party director who today is now telling blatant lies to the media and Tasmanian's about my voting preferences.” said Senator Lambie.

“It appears that the same level of honesty and trusty worthiness that Mr McQuestin has displayed in the past – is now evident for all Tasmanians to see just before a historic federal election.

The fact that this man has been allowed to remain as Liberal party state director shows what sort of leader Malcolm Turnbull has become – and also shows why we need a Federal Anti corruption Body established as soon as possible.” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr McQuestin, like all high-ranking Liberals and Malcolm Turnbull opposes a federal ICAC.  I’ll let Tasmanians make their own judgements on that policy decision.

However, regrading Mr McQuestin’s recent out-right public lies and vile dishonesty about my voting preferences - I’m considering my legal options at the moment and taking advise from my barrister,” said Senator Lambie.

$1.2B worth of savage Liberal Cuts to Aged Care

“Importantly though, I don’t want to be distracted from more important matters. Yesterday I meet a high-level delegation from Aged and Community Services Tasmania who warned me about the Liberals savage cuts to their sector. (see attached pic)

View 30 sec Youtube Video

$1.2B worth of cuts to Australia’s Aged Care industry are in the Liberals budget including $40M worth in Tasmania. Because of the Liberals budget cuts 750 Tasmanian workers jobs are at risk as well as the welfare of all our seniors being looked after in the Aged Care industry.

If I was to focus too much on distractions provided by Liberal liars like Mr McQuestin - then the truth about the Liberals hurtful and heartless polices to our Seniors would never be told – before this important election.  I will always vote to protect our aged pensioners and seniors.” said Senator Lambie.

Meeting for old Maternity Hospital is set to go ahead despite election outcome

Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) Senate candidate Steve Martin has said that a meeting about the future of Devonport’s Old Maternity Hospital is set to go ahead - regardless of which party is in government next week.

Mr Martin said the site is an eye-sore and has been subjected to vandalism and vagrancy.

“After four owners, more than 20 years, and no progress, I am pleased the concerns of the community have finally been heard and the future of the hospital will be discussed at a meeting of the stakeholders,” Mr Martin said.

“This is a constructive and proactive way forward to address a huge community concern,” Mr Martin said.

“The collaboration of stakeholders is not new, as the same method was used to gain a great outcome for the old Burnie hospital site,” Mr Martin said.

“I’ve asked Cradle Coast Authority CEO Brett Smith to chair the meetings, which are expected to start late July.  The meetings will bring together representatives from the Cradle Coast Authority, state and federal governments and the Devonport City Council in an effort to progress any future development opportunities,” said Mr Martin.

“It is great the meeting has received cross party support, but a pending election calls into question the future of the group.  I would hope that each member could look beyond party politics.”

Turnbull and Shorten must support an automatic Veterans’ Health Gold Card

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has challenged both the Liberal and Labor leaders to stand up for Veterans and support the issue of an automatic Health Gold Card for Australian Veterans.

Click below to view 30 sec Youtube

“Since 1999 - one Australian Veteran has committed suicide every 2 weeks.

Our Vets would rather fight the Taliban - than deal with Government bureaucrats and politicians.  Give our Vets an automatic Health Gold Card and hold a Royal Commission into Veterans’ Affairs - and begin to fix the problem.

So why has Labor and the Liberals refused to support our Veterans?

Mr Turnbull and Shorten - stand up for our Veterans.

Live up to the ANZAC legend – not off it!” said Senator Lambie.


Desperate Liberals deliberately lie about Lambie Voting Preferences

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has written to the leader of the Liberal party demanding that he remove Liberal commercials which deliberately lie about the JLN’s voting preferences

“Malcolm Turnbull must apologise to the people of Tasmania for his Liberal Party’s deliberate lie to them about my network’s voting preferences. It’s clear from the fact that I’ve chosen an open ticket - and my how-to-vote cards state; Vote 1 JLN and fill in boxes 2 to 6 as you prefer  - that I have not preferenced any other political party.

So why would the Liberals say I’ve preferenced the Greens – who have caused a loss of at least $5B in Tasmania business investment, have been responsible for a death of at least 5000 jobs - and who I have joked about in the past, are similar to the Taliban because they want us to live in the dark ages!!??” said Senator Lambie.

“Is it a sign of political desperation Mr Turnbull and his liberals have resorted to such blatant lies, which will surly damage his personal reputation as an honest man, and place a big question mark over all his election promises. It’s also a sign that Malcolm Turnbull is no different to the other liberal leader he was forced to replace because of lies, incompetence, chaos dysfunction and a long list of broken promises to the Australian public.

Mr Turnbull knows as well as I do - as the Prime Minister who introduced the new Senate voting laws - that an open Senate ticket (which the JLN has) means that it is now legally impossible for me to direct any ones’ voting preferences to any other political party.

It’s sad that a man who is a lawyer and wants to be Prime Minister knows full well, that the voter for the first time in the history of Australian Senate elections has the sole ability and power to direct their political preferences – as they see fit – and yet is happy to be part of this desperate lie.  This lie will backfire – and cause damage for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals at the ballot box,” said Senator Lambie.

Tasmania is in a Win Win situation

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has made a comment on a media report which says: "Jacqui's popularity putting the major parties on edge" and "The surging popularity of Jacqui Lambie could catapult her running mate (Mayor Steve Martin) into the Senate at the expense of Tasmania's most senior Liberal figure.

"JLN senate candidates are not taking any vote for granted and there's lots of hard work and door knocking to do before the election.  However, now there's serious independent political competition - both major parties have been finally, forced to promise serious money for vital Tasmanian infrastructure.

It means that no matter what the election result - Tasmania is in a win/win situation.  But the only way to guarantee that either side of politics keep their election promises - is to give Tasmania the balance of power in the Senate, by voting 1 JLN - and keeping the bastards honest.

Labor could also put more political pressure on the Liberals in the lower house by promising before Saturday, another $15M for Cradle Mountain Tourism Project.  It would bring their total commitment of $30M to this world class and iconic tourism destination and force the federal Libs to stop taking Tasmania for granted and up their offer from $1M to $30M." said Senator Lambie.

Ordinary Australians tricked into standing beside extremists and haters

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie and JLN Senate Candidate Marcus Saltmarsh have released a YouTube Video which shows the difficult choices peace-loving, ordinary Australians face when deciding who has the best policies to deal with the rise of Islamic extremists.

“The fact that both Labor and Liberals are happy for ASIO to just watch 190 radicals - our spy agency knows are actively helping ISIS and have not charged them with treason or sedition and put them in jail - has made Australia less safe from terrorist attacks.

So it’s clear to all that the major Australian political parties have failed to properly deal with Australian citizens who have chosen to help and assist Islamic extremists.  This political failure has led to widespread community frustration and anger which has fuelled an overall rise in the number of extremists and haters –  from all parts of the political spectrum,” said Senator Lambie.

“Listening to extremist political leaders  - you have people who hate Jewish, Gay and Black people, standing shoulder to shoulder in political rallies – with unsuspecting peace-loving, ordinary Australians, who just want a safe world for their children,” said Senator Lambie.

“Its sad that ordinary Australians have been tricked into standing beside extremists and haters,” said Mr Saltmarsh.

“If you want a safe world for your children you don’t need to impress people who want to impose the Terrorists’ law - or Sharia Law on Australia.  Nor do you need to rely on other extremists, racists and haters to speak for you in Canberra.  The solution is simple –  just be loyal to one law … Australian Law, which guarantees a fair go for all…. and should put people in jail, if they help our enemy,” said Senator Lambie.


Tasmania now has an extra $150M without $100K degrees

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed the Liberal’s promise to match Labor’s commitment of $150M to the University of Tasmania.

“The fact that the Liberals have been forced to promise $15OM in funding to UTAS, vindicates my vote against their plan to deregulate universities.  We’re now in a win / win situation, no matter which party forms government.  Tasmania has an extra $150M - without $100K degrees for our students,” said Senator Lambie.

“It shows the important value of having a Tasmanian independent Senator holding the balance of power in the Australian Senate.  Andrew Nicholic, the Liberal member for Bass, underneath the fake smiles today must be seething.  The Liberal’s commitment of $150M shows that he lied to the people of Tasmania in the past,” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr Nicholic said there wouldn’t be any investment in UTAS from his party without my vote for their plan for $100K degrees and the privatisation of our University sector.  Mr Nicholic even had the audacity to blame me for Tasmania missing out on University funding after I voted down his party’s plan to deregulate our Unis.

So is Mr Nicholic now going to congratulate me for remaining true to my convictions and protecting Australian university students from $100K degrees? Is Mr Nicholic honest and trustworthy enough to admit he got it wrong and lied to Tasmanians?” said Senator Lambie.

How many of PM’s Iftar dinner guests were on ASIO’s radical Islamic watch list?

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has challenged the Prime Minister to disclose how many of his Iftar dinner guests were on ASIO’s radical Islamic watch list.

“The Liberal / National Government has used the current war against Islamic state extremists and their supporters – as an excuse to pass extraordinary laws which undermine basic civil rights for ordinary law-abiding and peace-loving Australian Citizens.

Before the civil rights of peace-loving Australians are undermined – why hasn’t our government truly cracked down on the extremists who are actively helping the Islamic state terrorists? Anyone who helps – in any way whatsoever, our enemies could be arrested and charged with Treason or Sedition and face 7 years to life in jail.” said Senator Lambie.

“ASIO has told me, they are secretly watching 190 radicalized Australians - they know are helping our enemy. These people are Sharia Law and Isis supporters.

How many of the Prime Minister’s recent dinner guests were on our spy agency’s official, secret terror watch list? To keep Australia safe … you don’t need to impress people who want to impose the terrorists’ Sharia Law on Australia.

Just respect Australian law - which puts people in jail - if they help our enemy.” said Senator Lambie.

Super Trawler Ban will always be JLN Official Policy

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has continued and restated her long and strong opposition to Super Trawlers – and has released a 30sec YouTube statement backing up the JLN’s position regarding a ban on Super Trawlers in Australian waters.

Click below to view

“I know how dangerous Super Trawlers are to the environment and our fish stocks.

Super Trawlers are responsible for wiping out the baitfish in Africa and pose a significant danger to our environment and local fishing industry.

I am a pro-development, pro-business politician – but wiping out fisheries for short-term financial gain - makes no economic or environmental sense and must always be opposed.

The JLN will always oppose and vote against any Super Trawler fishing in Australian Waters.” Said Senator Lambie.