Lambie visits ETU’s CUB picket line and calls for holes in Fair Work Act to be fixed

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has visited the workers manning a picket line in front of the Carlton United Brewery in Melbourne and challenged the Federal government to fix the holes in Australia’s Fair Work Act.

“There is something very wrong with Australia’s Fair Work Act – when 3 casuals can sign an agreement – which takes away wages and conditions from 55 hard working - full time employees at CUB. Australia’s Fair Work act has become an Un – Fair Work act – and must be fixed. I will strongly support scrutiny of this injustice by a Senate Inquiry." said Senator Lambie.

“Instead of Michaelia Cash going after the ABCC code – I suggest she pull her head out of her rear end and start concentrating on the loop holes that are in the Fair work act – and then she might actually get a vote from me. That’s what I want to see.” said Senator Lambie.

Senate given permission to investigate Veterans’ Suicides and DVA performance after Lambie motion succeeds

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has won historic support in the Senate for a motion (attached 1) to establish an independent inquiry and investigation into the performance of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) – especially in relation to the crisis in Australian Veterans’ health and rising suicide rates.

The Inquiry will report back to the Senate by 30 March 2017.

“My message to veterans and their families and even members of DVA who want to blow the whistle is: We now have a historic Senate Committee established which will thoroughly investigate the performance of the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This will be a chance to tell the truth about the dysfunction within DVA and help stop our veterans from killing themselves.” said Senator Lambie.

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Dep. PM Barnaby commits to Dairy Levy in meeting with Dairy Farmers – will Labor also commit?

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has welcomed Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s commitment to support a dairy levy after his meeting in Parliament with Victorian Dairy farmers.

“ I’m surprised that Deputy Prime Minister Joyce agreed to meet with Dairy farmers who support the rebel side of the argument (Farmer Power) during this milk crisis – and I’m also surprised that he told the farmers in their Canberra meeting that he’ll support a dairy levy if Labor also supported a dairy levy.

“However I’m pleased that it appears, the Turnbull Government has now significantly lessened their opposition to a 50c/l dairy levy and are inclined to support this commonsense proposal. If this is true - and all it requires for the government to support a milk levy is to get support from the majority of Crossbench Senators and the Labor party – then we are very close to saving Australia’s dairy industry.

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Speech: Address-in-Reply 01-09-16

I rise to contribute to the debate on the address-in-reply to the Governor-General's speech marking the opening of the 45th Parliament. I once again acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet and pay my respects to the elders both past and present. In my first official speech to this Senate during the 44th Parliament I made this statement, which I proudly repeat again today:

I acknowledge and pay my respects to Australia’s Aboriginal traditional owners. I share their blood, culture and history through my mother’s, Sue Lambie’s, family. We trace our history over six generations to celebrated Aboriginal chieftain of the Tasmania east coast, Mannalargenna.

Following that statement a member of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre complained about my claim and my family's claim to Indigenous heritage. As you are about to discover, Mr Acting Deputy President, the system for recognising Indigenous heritage and identity is very different and more complicated in Tasmania than in other Australian states; however, the TAC member's argument was essentially this: if he and his mob didn't recognise my Indigenous heritage then I simply wasn't Indigenous. While that argument personally hurt my family, it also gave me an opportunity to thoroughly investigate the process by which Tasmanians are officially afforded recognition of Indigenous heritage by their state government.

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GST debate is an old distraction to limit political harm and discussion on more important issues

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal government not to waste time and properly deal with 3 important issues first - before indulging themselves in a GST policy debate which - (in the words of Kenny) will outlast religion.

“Nothing is going to happen to our GST in the 5 parliamentary weeks before Xmas, but our Veterans and Dairy Farmers will continue to kill themselves because of avoidable and solvable crises in our Dairy industry and Department of Veterans’ Affairs.” said Senator Lambie.

“So it’s about time the Australian Government and media got its priorities right and properly dealt with the 3 issues the majority of Australians want fixed - right now.  If I were a government spin-doctor, the GST debate would be a welcome relief – because it will distract from issues which are causing real harm to the Liberal/National coalition government.

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Federal and State Governments must stop further flood damage to Mersey River, which threatens Latrobe

Senator Lambie and Primary Producer David Bloomfield at the site where the Mersey broke its banks and tried to cut a new course towards Latrobe.

Senator Lambie and Primary Producer David Bloomfield at the site where the Mersey broke its banks and tried to cut a new course towards Latrobe.

JLN Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie is calling on both Federal and State Liberal Governments to listen carefully to the concerns of the Latrobe landowners and primary producers following Tasmania’s biggest floods in more than 60 years.

Senator Lambie visited local landowners at Latrobe, listened to what they had to say about a new flood threat to the township of Latrobe.

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Lambie answers questions from an Australian Journalist about the ABC’s Q&A

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent questions by a journalist from The Australian regarding the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar on ABC’s Q&A last Monday, has made the following statement:

“Like many Australians I watched the ABC’s Q&A last Monday and enjoyed the show. I’m disappointed to learn that the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar, who queried Pauline Hanson, has  also resorted to publishing personal insults about me.

"In relation to his questions – I think it’s valuable to note that Pauline handled them well and contributed to an important public debate about Islam, radicalization and terrorism. The only disappointment I have is that Mr Elomar and others (including Sam Dastyari) were not questioned about their attitude toward Sharia Law.

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Only PM Turnbull and Premier Hodgman to blame if Tasmania’s bid for a $50M new Tourism site fails

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent meetings with Premier Will Hodgman, Senator Eric Abetz and the Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens - District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen – has named the Prime Minister and State Premier the only people to blame - should Tasmania’s bid for ex-HMAS Tobruk fail.

Click below to view YouTube conversation between Senator Elect Lambie and Tobruk Project Manager for the Saint Helens - District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Peter Paulsen

“At this late stage of the Navy bid process - only the Australian Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier can save a project that is guaranteed to generate at least an extra $50M into the Northern Tasmanian economy - and hundreds of new jobs over the next decade.  If our Tobruk dive site bid fails - there are only two people to blame in this game - that is Malcolm Turnbull and Will Hodgman.” said Senator Elect Lambie.

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Scrap CHAFTA before risking the troops’ lives in China blue

CHAFTA Cancel - Meme

Tasmanian JLN Independent Senator Elect Jacqui Lambie has called on all political parties to support the scrapping of CHAFTA before risking the lives of our troops in freedom of navigation or other defence exercises in the South China Seas.

“Australia meekly signing a bad trade deal with China last year has encouraged their Communist Government - and contributed to their aggressive, dangerous and bad international behavior in Asian International waters which we rely on for 60% of our more than $660B of two way international trade.

So why risk our sailors lives and war with China in freedom of Navigation exercises in international Asian waters .. when Australia could cancel CHAFTA (China Free Trade Deal) until China respects international law?” said Senator Elect Lambie.

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Lambie will fight insurance industry for flood-affected businesses

Independent JLN Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has placed insurance companies on notice - amid growing community concerns that they are not honouring their contracts with Tasmanians affected by recent floods.

“If evidence emerges that insurance companies are not treating Tasmanians fairly, I will take the issue before Parliament.  If I have my way, one of the first jobs for a Senate Committee will be to look closely at the practices of the whole Australian insurance industry. I look forward to questioning, under oath and before a Senate Committee, every major insurance executive in Australia about the way they conduct their business,” said Senator Lambie.

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