Questions Without Notice: Building and Construction

My question without notice is to the Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Abetz. Can Senator Abetz confirm for the chamber that he has stated in this place that:

(a) the construction sector is dominated by the CFMEU and the outlaw bikie gangs with which they associate;

(b) there is a sinister veil of silence from witnesses and victims because they fear retribution and reprisal from speaking out against the intimidation that we so often see in this industry, most commonly on the part of the CFMEU; and 

(c) the courts have said time and time again that the CFMEU continues to ignore the law, despite the imposition of penalties. And could the senator say who was worse in his opinion, the CFMEU or the BLF?

Read Senator Eric Abetz's answer at the link: QWN Building and Construction Industry