Prime Minister’s Staff confirm receipt of a secret Royal Commission report

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has used Estimate Committee Hearings to question the staff of the Prime Minister and Cabinet about the existence of a confidential and secret report issued last December by the Heydon Royal Commission, which is investigating Union and other organizations’ corruption.


The Prime Minister’s staff confirmed that the confidential report from the Heydon Royal Commission, which revealed a “grave threat to the power and authority of the Australian State” had been received, however they could not say if it had been shared with other ministers or departments.


“I’m glad that Ms Elizabeth Kelly from the Prime Minister’s department answered my questions truthfully and directly today (see attached video). Her answers were in stark contrast to those of Attorney Brandis on the 14th of May (see attached Hansard extract).


The last time I asked Attorney General Brandis the same questions regarding the confidential and secret Heydon Royal Commission report in the Senate he became very nervous and arrogantly avoided the question.


The official Parliamentary record shows that Attorney General Brandis strangely, wouldn’t even confirm the fact that the confidential report had been sent to the Prime Minister by the Royal Commissioner, or shared with other government ministers or members of parliament.


It is vital that this report, which could have important information about political corruption and crimes from all political parties is viewed by the Australian cross bench Senators before a vote is taken on the Liberal’s proposed reintroduction of the ABCC (Australian Building and Construction Commission).


I’ve had many Tasmanian builders speak to me about the reintroduction of the ABCC and the need to clean up our Nation’s Building and Construction industry. Those Builders will be shocked to learn that the Federal Liberal Party has blocked cross bench Senators - whose votes they need to bring back the ABCC - from viewing the explosive evidence of corruption contained in the confidential Heydon Royal Commission interim report.


Those hard working Tasmanian Builders and their workers will also be shocked to learn that Commissioner Heydon informed me that the former Victorian state Liberal government also blocked the Royal Commission from viewing another explosive and confidential Hadgkiss report which allegedly contained information linking unions to organized crime in Victoria.


So at a time when the Liberal party is trying to brand the Labor Party and Unions as corrupt – the facts are now clear. The Liberal party has been responsible for the official cover up of 2 confidential and explosive secret reports … and you have to ask why?


Hansard shows that in my final official Question With Out Notice I asked the Attorney General “… has the Abbott government failed to share a vital secret report with crossbench senators because it would uncover political corruption and harm the Liberal Party's reputation?”


Hansard also shows that the Attorney General failed to directly answer my question.