People power killed off in the Senate

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie last night voted with the Government to give power back to the people over the same-sex marriage question.

 “I was very disappointed that Labor, the Greens, and other Crossbench Senators combined to kill off people power in the Senate. Last night, we had an opportunity to put the question of gay marriage before the people of Australia – and politics got in the way,” said Senator Lambie.

“I stand by what I said to the Senate yesterday, namely: After the people have their say - no matter what the result – there will be people - who for very good and legitimate reasons - will have very hurt feelings.

If a plebiscite of the people is used to test Australia’s conscience on this matter – then whoever is on the losing side of the debate - will be in no doubt about the will of the Australian people – and will be able to heal, unite, and move on more quickly.” said Senator Lambie.

Dinner with One Nation

“I was fortunate to have dinner last night with Senator Pauline Hanson – and after our conversation, I believe there’s an opportunity to put a private members bill before the Senate which gives the people at the next federal election - to have their say on three very important social and moral issues:

1) Same-Sex Marriage,

2) Indigenous Recognition

3) Euthanasia for the terminally ill.” Said Senator Lambie

Media Conference - Click below to view Parliament Media Conference where Senator Lambie answered questions this morning on these topics: a) Backpacker Tax, b) Same-Sex Marriage and c) People Smugglers.

Attached 1 – Same-sex marriage speech  (same-sex-marriage-speech-lambie-hansard)