Ordinary Australians tricked into standing beside extremists and haters

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie and JLN Senate Candidate Marcus Saltmarsh have released a YouTube Video which shows the difficult choices peace-loving, ordinary Australians face when deciding who has the best policies to deal with the rise of Islamic extremists.

“The fact that both Labor and Liberals are happy for ASIO to just watch 190 radicals - our spy agency knows are actively helping ISIS and have not charged them with treason or sedition and put them in jail - has made Australia less safe from terrorist attacks.

So it’s clear to all that the major Australian political parties have failed to properly deal with Australian citizens who have chosen to help and assist Islamic extremists.  This political failure has led to widespread community frustration and anger which has fuelled an overall rise in the number of extremists and haters –  from all parts of the political spectrum,” said Senator Lambie.

“Listening to extremist political leaders  - you have people who hate Jewish, Gay and Black people, standing shoulder to shoulder in political rallies – with unsuspecting peace-loving, ordinary Australians, who just want a safe world for their children,” said Senator Lambie.

“Its sad that ordinary Australians have been tricked into standing beside extremists and haters,” said Mr Saltmarsh.

“If you want a safe world for your children you don’t need to impress people who want to impose the Terrorists’ law - or Sharia Law on Australia.  Nor do you need to rely on other extremists, racists and haters to speak for you in Canberra.  The solution is simple –  just be loyal to one law … Australian Law, which guarantees a fair go for all…. and should put people in jail, if they help our enemy,” said Senator Lambie.