No preference deals with any Political Party

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has ruled out preference deals with any political party and has promised an open ticket.

If ordinary Tasmanians want the balance of power in the new Parliament - then they have the option to Vote 1 JLN, and fill in the Senate ballot boxes - 2 to 6, as they please.

I will not tell my supporters how to direct their preferences and I will not compromise or undermine my Network’s independence - and do preference deals with any political parties.

My track record shows I have - and will always, put my state, our families, workers, pensioners, farmers, veterans, uni–students and Diggers first.  The JLN mainland senate candidates in Vic, NSW and QLD also have the independence and freedom to always put their states and battler's first in all decisions.

Marcus Saltmarsh – JLN No1 Senate Candidate QLD

Allan Thomas – JLN No 1 Senate Candidate - NSW

Hugh Dolan – JLN No1 Senate Candidate – Victoria

That’s the big difference between the JLN network and the major parties.  Every vote in the parliament for a future JLN senator is essentially a conscience vote - and should always be in their battlers’ and state’s best interests.  Because we share similar values and agree on core policies – JLN Senators will work together in Parliament to keep the bastards honest. ”said Senator Lambie.