New Liberal Pension scheme is a tale of Little Red Riding Hood not Robin Hood

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has vowed to read the fine print on any plan the Liberals have to change Australian Pensions and count her fingers if any Liberal politician shakes her hand.

“Mr Morrison didn't speak with or brief me on his proposed pension changes. After I read a detailed briefing on the proposed changes I'll offer a view.

However, given the lies that the Abbott government minister told in the lead up to the last budget - and given the amount of economic and social harm that the Liberals were prepared to inflict on the battlers, pensioners, students, unemployed and disadvantaged - I have grave concerns about any pension plans Mr Morrison proposes.

The Liberal spin-doctors are trying to make out that the new cute cuddly singing and dancing Mr Morrison is also the new Robin Hood. Given his government's record of deceit and lack of compassion for the innocent, I’m sure most Australians will pick a different fairy tale and a different Hood.

When I think of Minister Morrison, Little Red Riding Hood comes more easily to mind for me, than Robin Hood.

This Liberal budget and proposed changes to pensions will be about trust. Politically, Liberal ministers are trying to pass themselves off as Grandma ... but everyone knows they have the cunning, morals, instincts and intentions of starving wolves." said Senator Lambie.