MPI: Marriage Equality

I rise to briefly contribute to the debate on the matter of public importance. It is clear that Mr Abbott is one of the worst prime ministers Australia has ever had.

His leadership has failed on many issues, including same-sex marriage. Mr Abbott lacks the ability to unite and inspire ordinary Australians.

If he were a leader who was sensitive to the needs and wishes of the Australian people, he would have supported my call and other crossbench senators' calls to hold a separate vote on same-sex marriage at the next election.

Let the people decide what our definition of marriage is, and let's get into talking about the out-of-control youth unemployment rates; organised criminals making big dollars selling ice to our kids; our pensioners struggling to pay their heating bills; our public hospitals, which are full, and Australians needlessly dying on record health waiting lists; homeless, desperate and suicidal veterans; and threats to prime agricultural land and hardworking farmers.

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