Meeting for old Maternity Hospital is set to go ahead despite election outcome

Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) Senate candidate Steve Martin has said that a meeting about the future of Devonport’s Old Maternity Hospital is set to go ahead - regardless of which party is in government next week.

Mr Martin said the site is an eye-sore and has been subjected to vandalism and vagrancy.

“After four owners, more than 20 years, and no progress, I am pleased the concerns of the community have finally been heard and the future of the hospital will be discussed at a meeting of the stakeholders,” Mr Martin said.

“This is a constructive and proactive way forward to address a huge community concern,” Mr Martin said.

“The collaboration of stakeholders is not new, as the same method was used to gain a great outcome for the old Burnie hospital site,” Mr Martin said.

“I’ve asked Cradle Coast Authority CEO Brett Smith to chair the meetings, which are expected to start late July.  The meetings will bring together representatives from the Cradle Coast Authority, state and federal governments and the Devonport City Council in an effort to progress any future development opportunities,” said Mr Martin.

“It is great the meeting has received cross party support, but a pending election calls into question the future of the group.  I would hope that each member could look beyond party politics.”