Medicare Bulk Billing Rates message to Prime Minister Turnbull – stop messing around and making women’s cancer checks more expensive

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has supported local Burnie resident Kalhi Deegan’s call for the Liberal Government to stop messing around with Medicare Bulk Billing Rates.

“I will do whatever it takes in the Australian Senate – including voting against all Liberal/National Government Legislation – to stop Malcolm Turnbull and his incompetent Health Minister Sussan Ley from increasing the cost for Australian women to access vital Cancer health checks.” said Senator Lambie.

“I agree with Tasmanian businesswoman Kalhi Deegan 100%. Health Minister Sussan Ley and PM Turnbull must stop messing with our Medicare Bulk Billing rates. Australian women should never be forced to pay $30 for pap smears – when most were able to access this vital women’s cancer health check - for free through our Medicare and Bulk Billing system.” said Senator Lambie.

“ I notice that the Victorian Liberals are pushing for more women in Parliament. ( What good is it, having more Liberal / National women members in the Senate and Lower House - if they don’t have the courage to stand up for women over the important life and death issues?

Conservative women politicians who talk about fixing a gender imbalance - while their senior female colleague tries to bring in dangerous health policy changes that are guaranteed to harm thousands of Australian women each year – is hypocritical, obscene and an insult.

If Health Minister Sussan Ley and her male Liberal political masters are allowed to have their way in the Senate  - and increase the cost of women’s cancer checks – it’s guaranteed that more Australian women will die early, horrific and unnecessary deaths. And that’s not going to happen on my watch.” said Senator Lambie.

Women's cancer checks and Kahli Deegan - 10-01-2016