Liberals new Veterans' Affairs legislation more reason to sack Veterans’ Affairs Minister Ronaldson: Lambie

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has once again called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to sack his Veterans’ Affairs Minister Michael Ronaldson, after two independent legal assessments of the latest Veterans’ Affairs Amendments before Parliament, show that the Coalition is about to undermine the rights of people who have volunteered to serve, fight and die for Australia.

"After reading independent feed back from Veterans’ Affairs legal specialists - Lawyers Slater and Gordon and KCI Lawyers, the alarm bells have rung. The Liberal Government have tried to sneak through the Senate, Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (2015 Budget Measures) Bill 2015 - by labelling it non-controversial – when there is plenty of controversy surrounding it." said Senator Lambie.

"Both lawyers essentially agree that this new government legislation, in particular Schedule 2, strips veterans of appeal rights and gives DVA more power to frustrate and deny claims without independent review of their decisions." said Senator Lambie.

" Last Friday I wrote to the Veterans’ Affairs Minister and told him that I will not be supporting this Bill and will ensure the public, cross-benchers, Greens and Labor are made aware of the unfair aspects of his Bill so that this Legislation can be seen in its true light – unfair," said Senator Lambie.

"I’m sick of the cover-ups and lies which are daily coming out of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. I’m sick of hearing about the harm to and suicides of veterans. I’m sick of talking to young veterans who end up living in tents on the street because of delayed and under payments of entitlements caused by a dysfunctional and incompetent Minister and Department of Veterans affairs." said Senator Lambie.

"Prime Minister Abbott must act and sack Ronaldson and at least put someone in the position who actually cares about veterans more, than he does about overseas junkets," said Senator Lambie.

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