Liberal’s Medicare Cuts to Women’s Cancer Checks will force Lambie to vote against all Liberal legislation

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie, has warned the Liberal Government in a new YouTube clip that she will take whatever action is necessary in the Senate, including voting against all government legislation – to ensure that cancer and other health checks remain affordable for all Australians.

“Australian women should not have to pay more for vital cancer health checks. Over my dead body will I allow the Liberal’s to try and sneak through more changes and cuts to our Medicare system.

``The average Australian is sick of this Liberal government fiddling with bulk-billing rates for vital medical checks like women’s pap smears. It’s time for the Liberals to stop their sneaky attacks on Medicare and their sly attempts to kill it off.

``And if it means voting against every piece of government legislation in the Senate – I will do everything in my power to stop cancer health checks, like pap smears from costing an extra $30, as predicted by the Royal College of Pathologists,” Senator Lambie.

“The government knows by my record on Defence pay, I will vote to block all their legislation in the Senate until they stop playing with our Medicare system and while they continue to try to increase the costs of women’s health checks.

“The AMA has told me that last year about 1.5 million pap smears were carried out and 1.1 million of those cancer checks were bulk-billed. Meaning those 1.1 million Australian women didn’t receive a bill.

According to the AMA, under the sneaky new Liberal health policy, all of the 1.5 million women who had a test would receive a bill, courtesy of Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals. These new bills could be $30 each or more,” Senator Lambie said.

Kahli Deegan – Burnie woman sends message to PM:

“Local businesswoman Kahli Deegan has told me that she wants the Australian PM to stop messing around with our bulk-billing rates. She wants the government to make it easier for young women  to have cancer checks – not harder,” Senator Lambie said.