Liberal’s “Catch and Release” policy for terrorist supporters risks all Australians’ security

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on the Prime Minister and Attorney General to forget political correctness - and authorise the arrest and charging of all 190 Islamic State terrorist supporters - who are being officially watched by ASIO and other government agencies.

“The latest terror-linked incident in Cairns, where 5 radicalised men were finally arrested and interviewed by police - shows how weak and reckless the Liberal’s policy on terrorism really is – despite all their big talk in Canberra,” said Senator Lambie

“If the authorities have enough evidence to take away passports and / or officially watch Australians who support the Islamic State enemy, then they should not be released back into society and freely travel anywhere.  Those radicalised people pose too great a threat to innocent Australians.  It only takes a knife, iPhone and flag to carry out a terrorist act and broadcast it worldwide and that sort of attack requires minimal planning and can be carried out in minutes.

Therefore Prime Minister Turnbull’s catch and release policy for known Australian terrorist supporters - must stop before we have another attack and the loss of innocent lives,”said Senator Lambie.

“When I tell Tasmanians that there are at least 190 radicalised Australian citizens who are actively supporting Islamic State and still living in our communities - while being officially watched by ASIO – the average person is stunned and everyone asks the same question my Victorian senate candidate and security expert Hugh Dolan asks in his 30 sec YouTube video:

Why aren’t they arrested …. charged with serious crimes?” said Senator Lambie.


hugh security expert






Hugh Dolan* – JLN Vic Senate Candidate and Security Expert.

“The Head of ASIO - Duncan Lewis, recently revealed during Estimates Committee, that there were 190 Australians who had provided support to Islamic State and were being officially watched and monitored.

Mr Lewis told me that - the characterisation of these people is through their activity of raising funds, recruiting, exhorting young people to join the cause and espousing the virtues of the ISIL message.

Click below to view ASIO answers to Senator Lambie’s questions

Clearly the Government has plenty of recorded hard evidence to charge these 190 people with at least Sedition or Treason - where all a Government has to prove is that a citizen has provided help in any way whatsoever to our enemy.

So why has the Turnbull Liberal government gone soft on these radicalised, Islamic terrorist supporters - and prefer to catch and release them back into our communities?” said Senator Lambie.

Liberals cover up cost of terrorist supporter surveillance

“Disappointingly the head of ASIO Mr Lewis and Attorney General Brandis refused my request in February to provide a total cost for the surveillance of 190 Australian Islamic State supporters. I’m very concerned by their attempt at cover up.

4 Important questions to answer about Terrorist supporters

Following the arrest of the Islamic Terrorist supporters in Cairns - and continuing high likelihood of a terrorist attack on Australian soil - there are a number of important questions the government must answer before the election:

  1. Are any of the 5 radicalized Australians recently arrested in Cairns receiving welfare payments?
  1. Are they part of ASIO's official watch list that were described to me during the February senate committee questioning... (see attached Hansard) or are these new terrorist supporters?
  1. Given that ASIO has admitted they have strong evidence of these 190 people financing, recruiting or facilitating for an enemy we are officially at war with - why haven't these traitors been arrested and charged with serious crimes like Treason and Sedition - just to name a few?
  1. ASIO and the Government refused to tell me how much it costs to monitor these threats to innocent Australians - when will they come clean with the Australian public?” said Senator
Hugh Dolan is the JLN senate candidate in Victoria. He served in   intelligence during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and was the J2 - head of intelligence within headquarters - in the ADF support to APEC in 2007 and the Papal Visit for World Youth Day in   2008.
Hugh has written two books on military intelligence and presented a documentary for the ABC. He retired from the RAAF as a Squadron Leader. He is living in St Kilda,  Melbourne.