Liberal’s “Catch and Release” policy for terrorist supporters means 6 down 184 to go...

After the latest news of the arrest of the 6th Australian Terrorist supporter - Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has once again called on the Prime Minister and Attorney General to forget political correctness - and authorise the arrest and charging of all the remaining 184 Islamic State terrorist supporters - who are being officially watched by ASIO and other government agencies.

“This 6th arrest of an Australian Terrorist supporter proves that the Liberal’s have a “Catch and Release”  policy in place - which risks the security for all Australians.  The Liberals are trying to use this latest arrest to boost their security credentials – but using ASIO’s own figures disclosed to me during Estimates … its 6 Australian Terrorist supporters down, 184 to go… ” said  Senator  Lambie

“When I tell Tasmanians that there are at least 190 radicalised Australian citizens who are actively supporting Islamic State and still living in our communities - while being officially watched by ASIO – the average person is stunned.  And everyone asks the same question my Victorian senate candidate and security expert Hugh Dolan asks in his 30 sec YouTube video:

Why aren’t they arrested …. charged with serious crimes?” said Senator Lambie.


Hugh Dolan – JLN Vic Senate Candidate and Security Expert.

 4 Important questions Government must answer about Terrorist supporters

 Following the arrest of the Islamic Terrorist supporters in Cairns and now in Sydney - and continuing high likelihood of a terrorist attack on Australian soil - there are a number of important questions the government must answer before the election:
  1. Are any of the 6 radicalized Australians recently arrested in Cairns and Sydney receiving welfare payments?
  1. Are they part of ASIO's official watch list that were described to me during the February senate committee questioning... (see attached Hansard) or are these new terrorist supporters?
  1. Given that ASIO has admitted they have strong evidence of these 190 people financing, recruiting or facilitating for an enemy we are officially at war with - why haven't these traitors been arrested and charged with serious crimes like Treason and Sedition - just to name a few?
  1. ASIO and the Government refused to tell me how much it costs to monitor these threats to innocent Australians - when will they come clean with the Australian public?” said Senator