Liberal lies will not distract Lambie from exposing $1.2B worth of cuts to Aged Care and the threat to 750 Tasmanian jobs

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has referred the latest dishonest and misleading public statements from Tasmania Liberal Party director Sam McQuestin regarding JLN voting preferences to her legal council, but has promised not to be distracted from exposing savage Liberal cuts to Tasmania’s Aged Cared sector.

“The Tasmania Liberal Party director Sam McQuestin has been caught out lying again about my voting preferences (I have - and always have had an open ticket and have never preference any political party in how to vote cards)  - but it’s not unusual for Liberal party state directors to be dishonest.” said Senator Lambie.

Who could forget the performance of former Tasmanian Liberal Party executive Damien Mantach, a proven liar and close collegue of Sam McQuestin – who, as the state director of Victoria was found guilty of theft after he embezzled $1.5M worth of party funds.

Mr Mantach was also found guilty of deception to gain political advantage. According to an ABC report :

“Mr Mantach was forced to resign after using a party credit card for $48,000 worth of personal expenses.” and “Tasmanian Liberal Party state director Sam McQuestin will not resign over the handling of former director Damien Mantach's resignation in 2008.”

The Sam McQuestin mentioned in the August 28th 2015 ABC news report - is the same Sam McQuestin and Tasmanian Liberal party director who today is now telling blatant lies to the media and Tasmanian's about my voting preferences.” said Senator Lambie.

“It appears that the same level of honesty and trusty worthiness that Mr McQuestin has displayed in the past – is now evident for all Tasmanians to see just before a historic federal election.

The fact that this man has been allowed to remain as Liberal party state director shows what sort of leader Malcolm Turnbull has become – and also shows why we need a Federal Anti corruption Body established as soon as possible.” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr McQuestin, like all high-ranking Liberals and Malcolm Turnbull opposes a federal ICAC.  I’ll let Tasmanians make their own judgements on that policy decision.

However, regrading Mr McQuestin’s recent out-right public lies and vile dishonesty about my voting preferences - I’m considering my legal options at the moment and taking advise from my barrister,” said Senator Lambie.

$1.2B worth of savage Liberal Cuts to Aged Care

“Importantly though, I don’t want to be distracted from more important matters. Yesterday I meet a high-level delegation from Aged and Community Services Tasmania who warned me about the Liberals savage cuts to their sector. (see attached pic)

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$1.2B worth of cuts to Australia’s Aged Care industry are in the Liberals budget including $40M worth in Tasmania. Because of the Liberals budget cuts 750 Tasmanian workers jobs are at risk as well as the welfare of all our seniors being looked after in the Aged Care industry.

If I was to focus too much on distractions provided by Liberal liars like Mr McQuestin - then the truth about the Liberals hurtful and heartless polices to our Seniors would never be told – before this important election.  I will always vote to protect our aged pensioners and seniors.” said Senator Lambie.