Lessons of Florida’s radical Islamic terror attack must be learnt


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on the Prime Minister, to give a public guarantee that none of Australia’s 190 active Islamic state supporters – who are officially monitored by Australia’s spy agency ASIO – have access to weapons, firearms or security licences.

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“ASIO chief Duncan Lewis told me during Senate Estimates committee hearing recently - that there were 190 Islamic Australians who had raised funds and recruited for Isis. And that Australia’s spy agency was officially watching them.

Mr Lewis also said those radicalised Islamic terrorist supporters also exhorted young people to join Isis, but refused to tell me how much it cost the tax payer to simply watch these Isis allies.” said Senator Lambie.

Click below to view ASIO answers to Senator Lambie’s questions about radicalized Islamic Australians.

“Given that the Islamic terrorist who just massacred 50 Americans at a night club was monitored and interviewed twice by America’s FBI – and yet was officially allowed to hold weapons and security licences … I think it’s fair enough that the management of Australia’s 190 radicalised Islamic terrorist supporters is put under greater public scrutiny.

I simply want to know if the Government has allowed them access to weapons and security licences? Once that answer is given, at least Australia can say - we’ve started to learn the lessons of the latest violent radical Islamic terror attack. ”said Senator Lambie.