Lambie's vote protected up to $11,400 worth of average Tasmanian household entitlements.

Lambie's vote protected up to $11,400 worth of average Tasmanian household entitlements.

Palmer United Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, along with her fellow PUP colleagues and Motorist party member Ricky Muir yesterday, forced the Liberal government to back flip - so that the a) low Income Superannuation Contribution, b) Income Support Bonus and c) School-kids Bonus - are guaranteed for the life of the current parliament.

“This means that the average Tasmanian house hold with 2 high-school and one primary school students will be up to $11,400 ($3800 per year) better off over the next 3 years and can plan their budgets. I'm proud to be part of a team that voted to get rid of Labor's and the Green's failed mining tax - a tax that killed jobs and business confidence - while still being able to protect and guarantee $6.5B of income to Tasmanian and Australian battlers.

PUP and the Motorists also had a win with compulsory super contributions. Its clear that Tasmanian workers would have lost .05% of their wages from at least their next 5 pay increases - if PUP hadn't forced a better deal with the government.” said Senator Lambie.

“That means because of the common-sense deal struck by PUP and the motorists - an average Australian worker by 2019 will have 2.5% more money from pay rises in their back pocket. My vote in the Senate yesterday not only guaranteed those vital government entitlements (Low Income Superannuation Contribution, Income Support Bonus and School Kids bonus) kept flowing to the average Tasmanians - it also meant that the Labor scheme to take away 2.5% of wage rises over the next 5 years, divert it to compulsory super and deny choice to workers - would be killed off.” said Senator Lambie.

“People want those wage rises in their back pockets now - because they need their money now to pay the bills and every day living costs. In addition, the Tasmanian economy and small businesses - will receive a boost by that money being placed in circulation now. PUP's and the Motorist’s votes in the Senate will also mean that our economy will receive a huge confidence boost. Ever since Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey started to talk about their cruel budget - business phones stopped ringing and workers lost their jobs.

Our plan to save important low-income workers entitlements and to scrap of the mining tax will greatly increase the chance of more investment from mining companies and more mining jobs. This is a great win for North / West Tasmanian areas in particular, whose families and small businesses depend on those important government entitlements and also the community wealth generated by mining jobs.” Senator Lambie said.