Lambie's vote helps abolish RSRT 6 months before a Liberal promise

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie after meeting with owner-driver truck drivers in Canberra along with other crossbench senators has helped vote to abolish the RSRT at least 6 months before PM Turnbull's promise.

"My meeting with owner-driver truck drivers out the front of Parliament house confirmed what I'd heard from Tasmanian Owner Drivers.

The Government Tribunal had failed to listen to reason and had made a decision, which unfairly targeted owner - driver truck drivers with regulations that would have dramatically increased their costs - when compared with fleet drivers.

Just like Tasmanian owner-drivers - I met people who lost 90% of their business, days after the RSRT's unfair decisions.  I will not stand by and watch as a government body makes decisions - which would have destroyed the lively hoods of 35,000 Australian workers - whose jobs could have been taken by overseas workers.

Prime Minister Turnbull was caught on playing out politics with this issue when he proposed to abolish the RSRT after the election.  I wasn't going to put up with that - and I'm glad that public opinion and the Truckies' own straight talk - made the government put legislation - which abolished the RSRT before the Senate late last night.

The independent cross bench Senators did the rest," said Senator Lambie.