Lambie’s heartfelt plea for mandatory detox

In a call on all political parties to consider national legislation for mandatory detox, Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie shared her struggle as a mother of a son addicted to ice.

``Australian parents deserve the right to speak to their children, not the drug, when they are trying to put them back on the straight and narrow.

``Australian parents deserve the right, if their children are addicted to lethal and harmful drugs like ice, to mandatory detox them,’’ Senator Lambie said.

``I am a senator of Australia and my younger son has a problem with ice, and yet, even with my title, I have no control over my son.

``As the law stands I cannot involuntarily detox my own son. And I can tell you I am not the only parent out there in that situation, there are thousands of us,’’ Senator Lambie said.

``These kids will have three or four choices in their lives, they will either end up on a slab, end up in a mental institution or end up killing someone.

``This is where society is heading, and we are sitting here and we are not doing anything about it,’’ Senator Lambie said.

``I am worried it will be too late to do anything before we realise ice is a major problem in our society.’’

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