Lambie wins Senate support for a motion which establishes an independent Dairy Crisis investigation

Click below to view an 2 min 39 sec highlight of Senator Lambie’s successful Dairy Crisis motion

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has successfully moved a motion in the Australian Senate, which calls on the Turnbull government to establish an independent Senate inquiry into the Australian dairy crisis.

"The opportunity is now here finally, for Australian Dairy farmers to receive protection under parliamentary privilege and tell the truth to a Senate Committee about this unprecedented dairy crisis. I look forward very much to hearing what the senior executives of the milk multinationals have to say, while they are under oath – being questioned and giving evidence to a senate committee." said Senator Lambie.

“Today the video record shows, the Liberal government who didn’t want my Senate inquiry - got very scared and chickened out of voting against the motion, because they knew I had the support of the crossbench and opposition senators and would have lost the vote.” said Senator Lambie.

“ I stand by my supporting statement for the motion when I said: As this motion notes

(i)     The Australian Dairy Industry is facing an unprecedented crisis with the retail cost of bottled milk per litre, often less than the retail cost of bottled water.

(ii)   Australia’s largest dairy producer and milk price setter Murray Goulburn, has been allowed to force onto its suppliers - unprecedented milk contracts and/or agreements ensuring that Dairy farmers are burdened with retrospective debts ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

(iii)  And Australian rural and regional communities face losing millions of dollars and thousands of jobs if a fair, long-term solution to Australia’s dairy crisis is not found.

And I urge all Senators – particularly those from the National Party to stand up for rural and regional communities doing it tough – and vote for this motion to establish a senate investigation in order to establish a fair, long-term solution to Australia’s dairy crisis.” said Senator Lambie.