Lambie vows to protect Aged Pensioners, Unemployed, Veterans, and Uni Students from Liberal cuts in Omnibus Bill

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has told a special Senate Committee that she will oppose the Liberal Government’s proposed $6.5B Omnibus Bill.

“On a per capita basis Tasmania has the most aged pensioner living on or below the poverty line, the most unemployed, the most youth unemployed – struggling small businesses … down there at the moment – I tell you what – they’re struggling.

I think when you have 50% of the state that’s on some sort of welfare – then you’re in trouble when you are going into this Omnibus Bill – and what they’re about to take.  It maybe just a little bit of money to the people up here – but to those people down there (Tasmania) it’s their bread and milk for the week.” said Senator Lambie.

“I will vote against this Bill in the second reading because this Bill will take away vital entitlements and benefits from poor people, battlers doing it really tough – for what the Liberals call Budget Repair.

I’m happy to work with the Liberal Party on Budget Repair.  It’s just that when you say Budget Repair the Liberals and Nationals want to take away from poor people. Nothing unusual there. Why can’t we repair the Budget by taking money from the super rich and wealthy multinationals – who do not - and have not paid their fair share of tax?

I can tell you now I have presented the Government with a plan to raise $9.4B a year with 3 very easy revenue raisers – and it will only hit the super rich.  I’ve being doing that for over 12 months. And these things have also been independently assessed – and given the go-ahead.

And yet the Liberal party refuse to use these 3 revenue raisers over the next ten years – which will come close to raising $100B over the next 10 years.

  • Super Rich Death Tax to raise $5 billion/year.
  • Financial Transactions Tax to raise $1.4 to billion/year.
  • Cap the Capital Gains Tax exemption to raise $3 billion/year.” said Senator Lambie