Lambie to meet with Melbourne Dairy Producer bullied by Barnaby Joyce’s office and told to remain “silent”

Tasmania JLN Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie will meet with Victorian Dairy Producer and acting CEO of National Dairy Products – Darryl Cardona who was told yesterday not to continue with press releases, (see attached) which support a national milk levy scheme by staff of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

Senator Lambie raised this matter of an attempt by the Deputy Prime Minister’s office trying to silence Mr Cardona on ABC’s Q&A last night.

“ My office has been informed by Darryl that under the Government’s $555M loan and welfare scheme about half of Australia’s 6000 Dairy Farmers will miss out on government support. We’ve also been informed by National Dairy Products acting CEO Mr Cardona that only dairy farmers who own the freehold title to their farm – not leasehold, or share farmers are able to participate in Barnaby Joyce’s scheme.

Once again it’s another example of Barnaby, the Nationals and Liberals being tricky and abandoning rural and regional Australia.  Barnaby failed to stand up for his own electorate when a Chinese Coal mine was established in the middle of some of Australia’s best agricultural and cropping land in the Liverpool Plains – and now he’s betrayed our farmers again.

The Liberals and Nationals have taken their support in rural Australia for granted and put our dairy farmers, their families and supporters last – it’s time that the bush returned the favor to Mr Joyce and his political mates at the ballot box this election.

If JLN holds the balance of power in the Senate – we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that a national dairy levy of 50c p/l is established and our dairy families are saved.” said Senator Lambie.