Lambie tells Rove that parents should be able to involuntarily detox - Ice addicted children


jacanddylfinalversionJLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has spoken to Rove McManus on Sydney breakfast radio about the need for Australian parents to have the right under Australian law to involuntarily detox their children - should those children become addicted to Ice.

“ I congratulate Rove and Sam on 2Day FM for educating their audience on the dangers of Ice use.  They interview real people – tell compelling, truthful stories and strongly connect with their audience.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to understand, that most Australian parents fail to realize that they don’t have any legal rights, should their son or daughter become addicted to Ice.  If they did, then it wouldn’t be so hard to convince members of Parliament to help me change the law.

The first job I have is to educate Australian parents about their lack of rights under Australian law, to protect their children from themselves.  Speaking with broadcasters like Rove and Sam is a great way to get my message directly to the average Australian – who can then put pressure on their local members of parliament to change the law,” said Senator Lambie.

In parliament yesterday, I heard Government ministers quote all sorts of figures and statistics about the drug Ice: 268,000 regular users of Ice in Australia, Ice use doubling between 2010-13 and hundreds of millions of dollars thrown at the problem.

However, the Liberal Government’s National Ice action strategy is fatally flawed and will fail if the politicians don’t give Australian parents the right to involuntarily detox their Ice addicted children.

I have a meeting with Labor Leader Bill Shorten scheduled for Tuesday, 15th of March - where I will raise this issue - and ask Bill – beg Bill, to adopt my policy on Ice.  He’s the only political leader I believe who is now willing to listen to reason on this issue.

Unfortunately, Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals think they have all the answers.  They think they’ve already won the next election and have control of the Senate.  So they’ve stopped listening to average Australians - and listen only to their rich political donors,” said Senator Lambie.