Lambie supports Veteran's Gold Ribbon for a Gold Card Campaign

Tasmanian JLN independent Senator Jacqui Lambie will support Australian Veterans who are urging the public to wear a Gold Ribbon for a Gold Card campaign.

Senator Lambie's call comes after she attended a public rally in Victoria recently where Peace Making and Peace Keeping Veteran, Michael Quinn told the crowd that the suicide rate of Veterans would lessen if those who had served in war or war-like conditions - were automatically awarded a Gold Health Card allowing them to quickly access the best health care Australia could offer.

"Mick was right when he told me that - an automatic Gold Card would mean early intervention for Veterans who came back injured - and it would save them having to go through an adversarial  system in order to access timely and proper Health Care," said Senator Lambie.

"Mick said that - we want it so they are working in the community - they don't have to separate from their work, they can get their treatment - get it early - stay working - stay putting into the system - and a Gold Card will do that," said Senator Lambie.