Lambie supports calls for an emergency 50c per litre - Milk Levy

Lambie supports calls for an emergency 50c per litre - Milk Levy

Following meetings and feedback from the Tasmanian Dairy industry - Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has launched a new YouTube video calling for a 50c per litre milk levy - and has arranged for Tasmanian dairy farmers to receive free legal advice from class action experts.

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“I trust the feedback I’ve received from the Tasmanian Dairy Industry – and I believe our farmers when they say that 40% of Tasmania’s Dairy Farms will be sold off to foreigners, bankrupted or shut down after the latest official downgrade of Australian milk prices – if no action is taken by our government.

So that why I’m standing up for our dairy farmers and calling for a 50c p/l emergency levy on our milk for at least 2 years - which go straight to our Australian dairy farmers. We must save our farmers and look after our food security for our grand children.

Cost of Milk V Water now and into the future.

It is ridiculous that we’ve got to the situation in Australia - where I can buy a litre of milk for  $1.25 - and at the same store I’m charged $2.80 for a 750 ml of water.  We may be paying record cheap prices now, for our milk, but if our local farmers are squeezed out of the market – what price will our grand children be paying for their milk? They may even need to import milk – if our safe, high-quality milk products are reserved for overseas use by future overseas owners of our farms?” said Senator Lambie.

Are Australian Dairy Farmers at fault for Milk Crisis?

“I don’t believe it’s our dairy farmers fault, that they’ve found themselves in this crisis. Many of them were told by the big milk buying companies in December last year at formal meetings, that they were going to be paid $6 per kilo for 1 kg of Milk solids. At that price our farmers could have paid their bills and made a little extra for their families.

But some how the guaranteed price of milk for our farmers collapsed to below the cost of production and the same milk marketing companies in May 2016 - were only offering $4.75 to $5 per kilo of a kg of Milk solids.” said Senator Lambie.

Complex Legal Questions to be answered

“There’s plenty of complex questions Tasmanian dairy farmers want answered by legal experts in order to properly consider all their options. So that is why I’ve arranged for representatives of a law firm (Levitt Robinson) which specialises in group legal actions - to visit my office to offer free advise in early June,” said Senator Lambie.

“Parliamentary research I recently commissioned says in relation to group legal action carried out overseas against milk processors:

In the United States in 2014, the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a milk marketing cooperative, settled a class action brought by a number of dairy farmers alleging that DFA had cooperated with Dean Foods to effectively reduce the raw milk prices paid to farmers. The settlement figure was reported as $50million USD.

If any farmers are interested in having a free, confidential chat with a legal rep from Levitt Robinson Solicitors then I’d ask them to make contact with my office and express their interest.” said Senator Lambie.

Organic Milk Farming - a saviour for some?

“I’ve been informed that a potential saviour for the Tasmanian Dairy industry could be the farming and production of milk which comes from Farms which have been officially certified as Organic. When compared with normal milk which is now marketing between $4.75 and $5 for I kilo* of milk solids – organic milk markets at almost double the price – around $8 to $9 per 1 kilo of milk solids.

(*Note - 13 to 14 litres of milk are needed to make up I kg of milk solids)

Unusual Chinese Investment in our Dairy Industry.

“The 50c emergency levy would give many of our farmers the time and financial resources to transition into being producers of organic milk. It would also stop the sell up of Australian farms to overseas interests – many of whom are from China and who are not investing to get a normal return on capital outlay.

My Victorian JLN candidate Hugh Dolan, described the unusual situation perfectly when he talked about Chinese investment in our Australian Dairy industry.” said Senator Lambie.

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Attachment 1

Lambie YouTube Script – 50c Milk Levy

I just purchased these from my local supermarket in Burnie.

I paid $1.25 for the milk and $2.80 for the water! Fair bloody go Australia!

That’s why I’m calling for a 50c milk levy – to ensure our Aussie farmers aren’t milked dry.

Just 50c will help keep our Tassie and Aussie Farmers afloat. So invest in the future of our dairy industry and guarantee our food security. I know what I’d rather pay for…