Lambie responds to Fast Cat Feasibility Criticism

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on all Tasmanian politicians to make known to the public their position on her and the Geelong Mayor’s proposal to fund a Fast Cat Feasibility Study.

“A $200k Fast Cat Feasibility Study is a crucial first step in a journey, which could create a new sea-link between Tasmania and Geelong and thousands of new jobs and a billion dollar boost for our economy. It’s a project, which should be supported by every Tasmanian, regardless of political party membership”, said Senator Lambie.

“So I’m glad, but surprised that the Liberal member for Braddon Mr Whiteley, like a drowning man clutching at a straw - has finally entered this important Fast Cat funding debate – by asking the question which politician is lying?  He’s to be commended for his newfound hunger for the truth.

However, I have a feeling that his fast approaching political death – rather than his personal love of honesty, and care for future generations’ well-being, has sparked his desperate search for political purity.

Nonetheless  - before I answer his question, an important point needs to be made.

I would never had to meet Mr Shorten and seek a promise of funding, if the Liberals - in particular Mr Abetz, had agreed to the $200k request when I made it in the first place – a number of weeks ago.

If Mr Whiteley is so desperate to find out which politician is lying – I have a simple piece of advice. Next time he, Mr Abbott, Mr Abetz and his fellow Liberals pose for a group photo, try looking left, right and behind – or if he needs a quicker answer, try looking in the mirror.

Both Mr Abbott and Mr Shorten will, in the next 24 hrs receive a letter from me once again, giving them an opportunity to invest in the new Fast Cat Feasibility study. Depending on their answer I will then make a decision on whether to call for a JLN candidate to run for the federal seat of Braddon in Tasmania’s NW.

The person must give a guarantee to always put their community first before any political party – and fight like hell for that $200k fast cat feasibility study, even if that means climbing into the gutter with the Liberal and Labor members and getting yourself covered in their muck.” said Senator Lambie.

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