Lambie questions government about Chinese Political Donations and Chinese Free Trade Deal

I refer the minister to a recent ABC 4 Corners’ report, which says: (and I quote)

  • “But there are hidden dangers in doing business with China: endemic corruption; a lack of transparency in both business and the legal system, and questions about where the money is coming from and whether ill-gotten gains are being laundered. China (is) by far the biggest exporter of illicit capital." 
  • “With billions of dollars flowing out of China, international money laundering experts are warning that some of it is making its way into Australia”
I also refer the Minister to Australian Electoral commission figures that show since 2007 the Liberal Party have accepted almost $2 million in political donations from two businessmen closely linked to the Chinese Communist government.

1) Can the minister give this Senate a guarantee that the Chinese money funding his parties’ election campaigns – was not laundered ill-gotten gains?

2) Can the minister guarantee donations from China are not corrupt?

I refer the Minister to Australian Electoral commission figures, which show that since 2007 the National, Liberal and Labor Parties have accepted at least $4.8 million in political donations from three businessmen who are closely linked to the Chinese Communist government.

Can the Minister detail the steps his government has taken to guarantee that those funds are not from corrupt activities?

3) Has China’s suspect political donations influenced ChaFTA?

Can the minister give a guarantee that millions of dollars of suspect political donations linked to the Chinese government - haven’t influenced the creation of a dodgy Free Trade Deal which:

  • Undermines Australia’s sovereignty;
  • Threatens Australian workers’ Job security; and
  • Dramatically decreases scrutiny on investment from a country that is a bully, thief, liar and a serious security threat to Australia.

Take Note of Answer on Free Trade Agreement

Mr President,

I move:

That the Senate take note of the answer given by Senator Brandis - to  questions without notice asked by Senator Lambie today - relating to Chinese government donations to Australian Political Parties and Australia’s Free Trade Deal with China.

Mr President,

The report from Australia’s leading a Current Affairs Program - Four Corners – last night, vindicated the warnings I’ve made about the dangers of money from China that is not properly scrutinised.

The answers today and other comments from Liberal Government representatives - in response to my questions showed that there is no political will from the Turnbull Liberal Government to fix the problem of corrupt Chinese government funds, purchasing Australian property or Australian political party favors.

There’s only a will, to cover up the truth with predictable personal abuse and racist smears.

And I call for all Australian political parties to ban donations from money linked to China’s communist government.

Mr President,

Only an independent Senator would have asked questions demanding answers about corrupt political payments coming from China because the majority of Australia’s main political parties (Liberals, Nationals and Labor parties) are receiving millions of dollars linked to the Chinese State or their associates.

Mr President,

Our leading Radio Current affairs program – AM on Radio National recently reported that: (and I quote)

  • The flood of Chinese money into Australia's hot real estate market has prompted calls for new rules that would force solicitors and real estate agents to report suspicious financial transactions.
  • A Four Corners investigation has found no Australian agency is charged with identifying the true source of foreign funds streaming in from China.
  • Insiders say unless Australia asks more questions, or enforces better standards, it could inadvertently become a safe haven for corrupt funds.
Mr President,

It is stunning that one of our most important National watchdogs - The Foreign Investment Review Board, deems the issue of dirty money to be outside its scope of responsibility!

I’ll quote again from the Radio National report:

  • Two former board members have confirmed concerns about offshore corruption are rarely discussed, even though $US1.25 trillion worth of corrupt and criminal proceeds from China is estimated to have been spent around the world in the decade to 2012.
  • No federal authority checks the source of Chinese investment unless there are obvious concerns about drug trafficking or other serious crimes.
  • But Raymond Baker from Washington DC's Global Financial Integrity says ignorance could cost Australia.
Mr President,

Mr Baker is being kind when he describes the fact that no Australian agency is charged with identifying the true source of foreign funds streaming in from China – as ignorance.

Its not ignorance!

It deliberate – its seditious – its criminal – because no one could be so stupid to stand by and allow the sell off of Australia and the undermining of our National security and sovereignty to Chinese Communist Crooks!

Unfortunately for Australia’s future generations - our food, water, energy, national and workers securities – are being compromised by the dirty deals the Liberal, National and Labor party members of this parliament are prepared to do with those who owe their wealth to the small group of elite people that rule the Chinese people.

The answers given by the minister representing the PM – Senator Brandis only confirmed the very serious threat that the China Free Trade Deal poses to Australia’s:

  • National sovereignty
  • Workers’ Job security and
  • Proper scrutiny of investment from a country, which everyone knows - is an international bully, thief and liar.
China right now is:
  1. Flexing its military muscles in the international waters of the South East China Sea – bullying international shipping – the Americans are even risking an armed confrontation with China as I speak by sailing through contested international waters.
  2. Stealing every piece of data and intellectual property not nailed down in Cyberspace.
And I’m yet to find one economic expert who is willing to say they trust any financial or economic figures to come out of mainland China!

So clearly the Chinese government is an international bully, thief and liar – who is a serious security threat to Australia and our allies.

These latest media reports, combined with the evasive, predictable condescending replies to my questions, show the Chinese Government and its ruling Communist elite have been caught out using their unlimited financial might, to infiltrate Australian by stealth and attack our National security and sovereignty So they can further their national interest and gradually impose their corrupt, totalitarian culture on us.

Or as one digger from the Korean War Veteran said – what the Chinese failed to do by the bullet and bomb in the 1950s, they’re now doing with their cheque books and political donations in 2015.