Lambie organises free legal advice for Tasmanian Dairy Farmer

Tasmanian Independent JLN Senator Jacqui Lambie has organised for a legal firm which specializes in group legal actions to consult with and offer free legal advice to Tasmanian Dairy farmers next Thursday 2.6.16 at her Burnie office.

“If you’re a Dairy Farmer there are many complex legal questions - you may want answered by the experts.  Massive profits have been made by the Multinationals while our Australian Dairy Farmers go broke – and the price of milk is driven down.

I’ve arranged for a law firm - Levitt / Robinson Solicitors that specialises in group legal actions –  to visit my office on Thursday the 2nd of June to offer free advice.

If you want to know more - give my office a call (03 6431 2233) ” said Senator Lambie in a YouTube video address.

“Some Australian Dairy Farmers may like to seek specialist legal advice on Parliamentary Library research I recently commissioned which shows that:

In the United States in 2014, the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a milk marketing cooperative, settled a class action brought by a number of dairy farmers alleging that DFA had cooperated with Dean Foods to effectively reduce the raw milk prices paid to farmers.  The settlement figure was reported as $50million USD.” said Senator Lambie.

.   M Astley, ‘DFA to pay $50m to settle Northeast US milk price lawsuit’,, 16 July 2014.